Working at Farmers Insurance Group: 1,197 Reviews about Pay & Benefits

You have to go through 10 weeks of training where you learn the ins and outs of handling taking claims, understanding all of the different types of insurance Farmers provides and how to talk on the phone. When you’re in training, you get a decent amount of freedom. You can get up to make coffee during class or go to the bathroom without having to log your times. While I was in training, we did one full work shift of being on the phones. After the 10 week training period, you’re put out onto the floor and expected to be on the phones the entire shift.

Management and supervisors will try to convince you through smiles that they will try to give you time off the phones but it is not a real priority for them. On the floor, you must log in to their timing system where you switch your modes. They will track how often you are going to the bathroom and will ask you to only go on one of your two 15 min break or your 45 min lunch.

When you’re hired, they will send you a list of possible shifts you can work. Depending on what shift you pick will determine your supervisor. Once you have a shift, you can’t change it for 3 months. I got the worst supervisor in the location and it was awful. If we weren’t on a call, they didn’t want you on your phone even if you have a 10+ minute gap between calls but she was fine if you were reading a book.

While the pay and benefits are amazing, it is not worth it. The last week of working there, I almost cried in the bathroom multiple times because of how intense the job can be. I felt trapped and I was being watched over every second of every¬†–¬†more…

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