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Ben Sturgill just made 21 out of 23 winning trades on the S&P 500 with an average profit rate of around 25%. He explained more about how he targets day trades in the S&P 500; the SPY.

Psychedelics are big. And they’re possibly about to get a whole lot bigger. If you’re a little Leary of that statement, perhaps our guest today, JR Rahn, CEO of MindMed, may help to change your mind, or at least bring you some new ways of looking at the topic of the therapeutic use of psychedelics.

Nate Bear shares some great tips on how he stays focused trading from home while surrounded by distractions; children, dogs, the news, the markets… a new puppy!

Jeff Bishop shares where we’re headed now, why this is a great time to start looking into longer term investments, and how he invests his own family’s money to build generational wealth.

Jeff Williams discusses how his Small Account Challenge is helping traders with small accounts, and how he just turned $500 into $8,000 by aimng small, missing small!

$477,222.73. It’s a lot of money for one month’s work! That’s exactly how much profit Kyle Dennis made, trading from home, in March, 2020.

Does trader James Morse think that we’re at the bottom yet? Are we headed up from here or does James think we’re only in the eye of the storm and we’ve not hit the real bottom yet?

Chris shares details of a couple of startups that he recently invested in and that – to quote one of the startup entrepreneurs behind one of those businesses – they are now seeing their biggest weeks of sales right now!

Every trader loves to boast about their wins. But very few traders have the courage or ever open up about their losses… and especially not like this! This may be one of Jason’s greatest trading lessons ever!


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