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My parents had Allstate since the 1960’s and of course I have had Allstate for the last 25 years for at least 1 Policy or another. Our home was built in 1997. First I reported it as a leaking hot water heater and was told it was a leaking roof.. We had a family member sick for about 7 months. We were in and out staying away from home days and weeks at a time. At a very busy, stressful time in our lives. Family member passed away and we returned to our normal lives. We noticed a few bulges in the floor in our bedroom and laundry room.

I called my insurance agent to file a claim and was asked, “Are you sure you want to do that.” I said yes and she filed the claim after hesitating. I was then contacted by an claims adjuster with Allstate by the name of Andrew ** and they sent Paul Davis out from Russell Ky to clean up the water damage. Upon their (2 people) arrival, they took pictures of everything inside and out and all around my house, not sure what the outside of my house has to do with a water leak. They said that it was the roof leaking that caused all of the damage to the floor. They never got down and inspected the water heater.

Mind you that the hot water heater is located right below the vent pipe for the plumbing that went through the roof. The roof was leaking down on the sheet rock and had feel on top of the water heater. The water heater is located in a 2ft X 2ft section and was covered by sheet rock (in other words you could not see it unless you removed the sheet rock).

Paul Davis employees told me while they were there, “Allstate and Company B NEVER pay on these claims”. I asked why would he say that and was told “that I was not the first one with this kind of damage that Allstate had denied.” They left a Dehumidifier on site and told me to contact a contractor to fix the leaking roof. I went to Lowes that night and fixed the roof myself for about $20.00.

I was then contacted by the claims adjuster with Allstate by the name of Andrew ** and was told that Allstate was DENYING (That is right– DENYING my claim just as Paul Davis told me what would happen) my claim based on the fact that they thought that this was an ongoing problem (OF course it was, it had a slow leak, ANYONE WITH A LITTLE COMMON SINCE WOULD KNOW THIS) that I failed to notice and report when it first happened. I Guess that I should have XRAY vision or some OTHER SUPER POWER to be able to know when the water heater started to leak (SLOWLY) in an enclosed area where it would have leaked for probably a month or longer before noticing it. By that time it had already done the damage.

So Paul Davis restorations calls and says that they are picking up their equipment and that Allstate will not pay any further for drying out the area. They come the next week and picks up their equipment. I go and buy my own dehumidifier to finish the job. I seal up the area with plastic and let the dehumidifier run. My wife calls me at work one day after going into that room and tells me that there is water on the floor. After close inspection–the water heater is leaking, what I first told Allstate.

I file another claim stating the original claim number. I get a call from Andrew again, state what I have typed above about the leak. I told him my feelings and that I wanted an actual Allstate adjuster and not another PAUL Davis Restoration to look at it. Was told that an Allstate adjuster would be onsite. They scheduled a guy (Third party contractor to come out and look at it). Went through the whole thing with this guy, a Michael **. So this guy writes basically the same report and pics and submits to Allstate.

I get a call today (3/9/2020) almost 2 weeks later, telling me that Allstate is DENYING my claim again due to the same reason (ONGOING PROBLEM). Stating again that I should have known about the leak sooner and reported it earlier. It is beyond me how you can see behind a enclosed area. And did I mention that I received a call from Paul Davis Restorations wanting to know when I was going to pay for their serves.. I don’t think so. I told them that Allstate said they would be paying for that.

So I am out ALL of the Insurance Premiums that I have paid over the years and for what? ABSOLUTELY nothing, makes me wonder if Allstate would pay for any claim that you submit to them. I will be switching to a different Insurance company as soon as possible. I also forgot to mention that the day I filed the 2nd claim, my insurance agent’s office called to tell me that my payment was past due, NOT, it was not due for another 3 days.

After questioning them and pointing out that my payment was not late, they realized I was right and Allstate was wrong. She then proceeded to tell me that her screen on my account was flagged saying “CANCEL S”. She said that she had never seen that before and would check and call me back in 5 minutes. She did but could not give a reason. I paid my premium over the phone and wrote down the confirmation number for the payment. This was my first and last claim with Allstate. You are “DEFINITELY NOT IN GOOD HANDS WITH ALLSTATE”. Can not wait to get RID of Allstate. I would suggest you NEVER-EVER consider Allstate for your insurance needs. They have proven to be dishonest.


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