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Russell of Austin, TX Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 20, 2020

I wanted to share my negative experiences dealing with Luis **, his agency, and Farmers Insurance and would not recommend doing business with him or Farmers.

1. The agency has had extensive agent turnover. Since I first contacted the agency a few years ago, they’ve had 3-4 different agents.
2. When I initially bought my homeowners policy, none of the agents ever bothered to discuss or review my policy even though I asked for assistance. The best any of the agents did was email or have short phone conversations. It was really up to me to ask all of the questions and guide myself through the process. They offered zero advice or help.

3. None of the agents ever bothered to discuss or highlight major policy limitations and issues that should have been brought to my attention. ALSO, THE APPLICATION SAID NOTHING ABOUT VITAL LIMITATIONS.

Fast forward to my dealings with Mr. **: As my homeowners policy neared expiration last year, I emailed the agent asking for help renewing, but rec’d no response. After several days, ** finally responded telling me he was the new agent and that the other had retired. At no time did ** ever bother to contact me to say he was the new agent, nor that the policy was about to expire, nor did he ever offer to review or discuss the policy renewal, and instead just passed me off to his assistant to handle the details. And this was only after I waited over a week for him to finally get working on the renewal. During that time I actually had to waste time looking for another agent to take over the policy due to his delayed response. He showed zero interest in helping me with the policy or understanding my needs, even though the house is over 50 years old.

I then contacted his agency for a new auto policy. Without going into details, his assistant bungled the process, failed to communicate and update me, etc. It was all up to me contact them for updates etc and it took weeks to finally bind coverage. Then I recently had a plumbing issue which resulted in a recommendation to replace my sewer line which will be very expensive, $15,000+. I later found out that Farmers has a $2000 limit on this coverage, And also found out that most other carriers actually fully cover this sort of loss. Don’t get a farmers homeowners policy, they don’t cover many of the standard losses that most other carriers cover and their agents don’t disclose any of it to policy holders!!

When I called ** to discuss, he emphatically told me “the prior agent should have offered to review your needs and the policy with you at the beginning and disclosed this limit. That is Farmers policy and that’s what I always do. I’ll look into this and get back with you.” Then ** calls me back the next day, and totally flips the script and tells me “We have no record of you requesting help. It’s up to the policy holder to request help, not the agent.” In other words, rather than try to help and accept responsibility, or backup what he had told me the day prior, he chose to blame me instead. This conduct should tell you everything you need to know about how Luis ** does business, and his lack of respect and care for his policy holders. Based on my experiences, which are all true, I would not recommend doing business with farmers or Luis **. If ** tries to dispute any of these facts, I will respond again.

Read full reviewBe the first one to find this review helpfulN. of Mission Viejo, CA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Oct. 22, 2019

Farmers Homeowners Insurance might be cheaper than others, but when I have to call my agent 4 times over 3 weeks to explain a simple change they made in my renewal, every time being promised to fix it until the last time when the deadline was approaching he told me he does not know why the change was made and that I should call Farmers and ask!!!! I thought I was calling Farmers when I called him. Bad -I don’t want to say dishonest- customer service!!

6 peoplefound this review helpfulWe value your privacy. Unsubscribe easily.Linda of Las Vegas, NV Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Sept. 14, 2019

Filed a claim in regard to our washer hose bursting in our condo. Although we wiped up the water as quickly as possible, some seeped to the condo below causing minor damage. Our condo, however, was not damaged at all. Our liability agent requested all documentation in regard to owning our condo including rules and regulations, agendas etc. What does that have to do with a washer hose bursting?? But we contacted our Hoa and they forwarded the information. Also information and contact numbers for the condo owner downstairs plus the plumber/company who repaired and replaced the washer hoses.

Well time passed and my neighbor contacted me…laughing! He said Farmers contacted him and told him the claim will not be honored because there was no negligence on my part??!! And the only way they would pay is if I was negligent… Omg. He said that was the stupidest explanation he’s ever heard! How would I when the washer hose would burst!! So…needless to say, make sure you find out about liability claims especially…exactly what and how everything is covered. We plan to sell soon and definitely won’t be using Farmers

Read full review9 peoplefound this review helpfulRobert of Morgantown, PA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: July 23, 2019

I got a quote for homeowners insurance and agreed, Paid in full for 1 yr. About 2 months later I receive a letter saying I owe more money AND they lowered my insurance rate that I signed up for. This company does not care about you, all they want is more out of your pocket. STAY AWAY, there are better companies out there.

10 peoplefound this review helpfulDominique of Redding, CT Verified ReviewerOriginal review: June 24, 2019

We have had our new home for almost 3 years. Over the winter we had our roof leak due to our very damming and it flooded one of our bedrooms and leaked through the floor. We called our Farmers Insurance rep right away and they send a woman over to check our roof. She did a thorough inspection and told us all the damage should be 100% covered due to the roof leaking. She said it was really bad and was going to do a report. Out of nowhere the report came back and said we had lichen on our roof and nothing will be covered. Which was completely false and the lady never even mentioned that. We had to fight again with them, they sent another woman over and she breezed through the inspection and NEVER EVEN CHECKED THE ROOF! She told us our house was fine even though we have a leak and now mold due to the leak.

They basically sent her here to appease us and she had no intention of even inspecting anything. Yet again the report came back that our roof is fine. WHAT A SCAM! I have no idea why we even have home insurance. They basically lied to us because they don’t want to pay for our roof to be fixed. Now we have to hire a lawyer to go after them for insurance fraud. This had been over months now and never resolved and now we have black mold because they refuse to fix our roof! Please save your money and home and go with another reputable insurance company that will not just take your money every month for no reason! P.S. Roof coverage is (SUPPOSEDLY) included in our insurance plan.

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profile pic of the authorMelissa of Chevy Chase, MD Verified ReviewerOriginal review: May 22, 2019

We had experienced a flood in our upstairs bathroom that caused water damage to the living room ceiling below. Within days suddenly the living room ceiling completely collapsed, falling with such force that it broke our 3 inch thick hardwood coffee table in half. My 80 year-old mother-in-law escaped literally within 30 seconds of being crushed.

We called Farmers within hours of the disaster. It was the kind of unexpected catastrophe any homeowner could never imagine happening but would assume any reputable home insurance company would cover. We were in shock when Farmers did not respond to us despite 4 separate attempts to contact them as instructed in the policy over the phone, online, and via text.

When we finally got a representative on the phone four days later, we were in shock when he quickly told us Farmers did not cover homeowners when their ceilings fall in. It was the quintessential moment that every homeowner assumes they will never have to face because they trust that when they routinely pay their $1400 annual home insurance premium each year, they are secure knowing their home insurance company will not leave them stranded in the event of a major catastrophe.

We insisted he come to assess the damage before he gave us this type of pact response. We were again in shock when the representative came to our home, looked up at a 10 by 3 foot hole in our ceiling and a demolished hardwood coffee table, and flatly told us the damage was not covered because, he insisted, it only involved the ceiling moving, and not because of water damage from the upstairs bathroom. I have no idea how a homeowner could foresee or prevent this type of experience. Shame on Farmers for leaving homeowners stranded in the midst of a major home disaster.

Read full review28 peoplefound this review helpfulMelissa of Lansdale, PA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: May 7, 2019

We had a house fire on Christmas Day 2018. It is now 07 May 2019 and they just now decided to extend the lease on the temporary housing until 31 Jul 2019. This is after I repeated told them construction has not started because they lowballed the repairs. The claims adjuster was in and out of my house in less than 2 hours. I was there the whole time talking to the fire investigator. This claims adjuster missed the floor joists to the second fire shrinking from 1.5 inches to 1 inch due to being burned. The claims adjuster stated in the scope of loss the floor joists can be cleaned and sealed.

I went and hired an architect and the architect said they are unstable and need to be replaced. On top of all this, because Farmers is dragging their feet, we ended up with extensive water damage and mold due to a water leak. We had the water turned off on 27 Dec 2018. All the documents Farmers had on their portal I have downloaded and printed out. Upon extensive review, they have many contradictions in their own documents. At this point, I am contacting attorneys to get the proper settlement for fix our home correctly.

Read full review24 peoplefound this review helpfulStephen of Saint Paul, MN Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 19, 2019

On or about July 2, 2016 I called my agent Terry ** here in Saint Paul to inform him that I had some shingles on the ground and that a roofer had told me that I had hail/wind damage. A Farmer’s representative came to my residence and informed me that there was no damage, and therefore I had no claim. After repeated calls to Farmers on or about May 17th 2017 Farmers finally admitted that there was wind damage to the roof. Action was taken and payouts were made on two different occasions as one adjuster was replaced by another. The roof was replaced due to the inability to match the roof shingles, and the job was finished in late 2017, the final payment to me was made on Dec 26 2017.

I continued my Household policy with Farmers until approximately Feb of 2019, when I was informed by Terry **, the local agent for Farmers that my policy would increase from the previous amount of about $2,200 per year to $4,200 or thereabouts. Flabbergasted at this doubling of the policy I asked for an explanation, but got none. This was the price! As I declined, the policy was cancelled, even though I was still attempting to negotiate a more reasonable quote. Within a week of that notice I received a letter from my bank informing me that as I no longer had insurance that my home equity loan which required insurance was invalidated and that US Bank would procure insurance independently if I did not provide them with a new declaration of insurance. This again at a much higher cost, well over $4500.00.

As I was getting nowhere with Farmers for a more economical policy, I started to call other companies to get some comparisons. I have been quoted from $2000.00 to $3,100 depending on my deductible, which I considered acceptable ($1000.00 deductible vs $500.00 deductible). When I told them (Statefarm) to go ahead with a policy the local agent told me that when their underwriters checked my status the policy could not be executed as Farmers reported that I had three claims on my record in the last two years, and NO company could insure me because of that, unless I was willing to pay an exorbitant amount to a special type of company.

I explained to the Statefarm agent that the three claims that Farmers was reporting on was in fact ONE claim, although elongated out to almost two years before it was settled. He, (Jake), told me that until Farmers straightened out their error that Statefarm could not provide insurance. I immediately called Farmers, both the agent (copy of Terry **’s letter attached) and the home office, and in the end after many, many phone calls I was/am left at a dead end with no household insurance as Farmers has declined to adjust the claim into the ONE that it actually was. I write this letter that is where this matter stands, with no household insurance.

In addition, to make matters even worse I submitted an application for a new equity loan so as to decrease my interest rate. The application was accepted and I was quoted a new rate of 4% VS the 5% I am now paying. I went ahead with this application in February of 2019 but I have not been able to finalize it as one of the requisite needs of my bank is that I produce a copy of my insurance Declaration for my home. This I cannot provide as I have no insurance, and am not able to obtain any until Farmers rectify their mistake. This has cost me over $500.00 per month in excess interest costs since the end of February, or over $1500.00, and will continue to do so until the matter is resolved.

I have put this issue in dispute with both Lexis-Nexus and “A Plus” companies, but both companies tell me they can do nothing until Farmers changes their records. I hope that your inquiry will prove fruitful and that Farmers Insurance Co. and their agent can rectify their error that is costing me thousands, let alone if my home was hit by an event or a liability claim.

Read full review16 peoplefound this review helpfulprofile pic of the authorL. of Issaquah, WA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 9, 2019

My home flooded due to a backup in the common line. The HOA’s insurance is Farmers. Since it was due to a common line issue, we had to go through HOA insurance. First off, they lowballed the amount – which is expected. They didn’t account for higher prices given the local economy. They brought their own contractor, which seems shady. Then, they tried to force my HOA into using their contractor, which only has a 1-star review. It all seems highly illegal (I’m not a lawyer, but they are pushing the envelope with ethics). On top of all of it, the adjuster himself speaks down to me, strong arms my HOA contractor, speaks to me with no respect and is unwilling to negotiate, because he wants his contractor to do the work and he refuses to pay for another contractor. Avoid Farmers. Go with Homesite instead (my personal insurance).

8 peoplefound this review helpfulMichael of Vienna, Md Maryland Verified ReviewerOriginal review: March 22, 2019

Winter, 20F, heater not working, no electricity, power outage. Hotel rates in the area soaring to $500-600 per night. Asked for their special rate to accommodate family for 1 night. Farms opened a claim – first for 7 years on the policy, and with no any help did not close it. Next year premium raised 50% – called – “You have open claim, possible property damage”. Tried to shot for insurance – ALL saying, “Your residence is listed as total loss, we can not insure it.” Upper management even did not responded.

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