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I just want to start off by saying I don’t like to complain at all. I am normally a very patient and forgiving person but at this point I feel so walked on I need to tell others they may be about to buy coverage from State Farm. Most of the people I have spoken to have but super apologetic and as helpful as they can be, but this process as a whole and one EXTREMELY rude “specialist” has made this too much to handle. Mind you I am 7 months pregnant so dealing with all of this is definitely not good for my baby, but I am a strong mom!!

Anyway, My father-in-law was driving my car from a dr’s appointment and I did not want to drive him because of being pregnant and Covid still being an issue. (Thank God I didn’t drive him) State farm’s customer practically T-boned him as he was making a left turn. The police report stated she was not even on the road yet when he started making the turn and that she sped up aggressively in a parking lot smashed into him causing the fire department to have to cut him out of the car. There were witnesses and a VIDEO that stated she was speeding and never applied her breaks. Not only did she smash into my father-in-law she continued to smash into TWO other cars!!! The police report obviously states it’s her fault.

It has been almost a month since this happened. State Farm has not contacted me one time to let me know what is going. I have had to call them every single time to get answers. At first we were waiting on the police report so they asked my father-in-law (which doesn’t speak English very well) to make a statement. He told me what happened and I wrote it down for him. This was all in the first week. I waited and waited for a call.. a little over a week. Nothing. So I called. The first lady was about to set me up with a rental car and someone to look at the damages; She was calm and super nice. When I got transferred to report my wage loss because I no longer have a car to get to work I spoke to this AWFUL person of a “specialist” who then told me State farm is not liable for any damages and it is not their responsibility to do anything all because my father-in-law was making a left turn, so the lady that hit him had the right away.

When I explained that the police report stated it was her fault for purposely speeding up to hit him she basically told me she doesn’t give a crap about the police report and called me a liar. Saying no one would have set me up with a rental or to get my car fixed. I was in SHOCK that she was being so rude. I told her that I guess the only option now is to get a lawyer and she told me to do it like she didn’t believe I would and hung up the phone on me. I was completely calm and respectful the ENTIRE time I was talking to her. I did call back just to see if what she said was true and a SUPER nice lady answered, apologized and explained the situation and said I should get my insurance involved. So I did. AND I bought the police report online myself and sent it directly to state farm. That way I have a copy in case I need to get a lawyer involved and clearly because it was impossible for them to get it themselves.. Or they just didn’t care.

This was well over a week ago that I sent them the police report and asked them to contact me immediately. Still nothing.. I just want to give everyone a little background. If i was driving, the way the car was hit, I could have very possibly lost my child. This makes me super angry to think about and the fact my father-in-law has been in so much pain because of this. This car, my dad bought for me. He passed away in March. This is the last thing I have that he gave me. So not only on top of all of this stress I have been experiencing through outside problems, State Farm has still not contacted me.

My car is still sitting in the tow yard because I have nowhere to take it. I do not have a car to go to work.. I do not have a car to go to my OB appointments and GOD FORBID I go into labor. I feel like I have gotten nowhere at this point and for State Farm to be all about protecting people they aren’t doing anything and they don’t seem to care. So seriously, just think about this the next time you want to buy car insurance because I can’t even imagine how they are treating the lady that hit everyone. I feel broken because of all of this.


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