Top 10 Travel Snacks for Family Vacations

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It’s no secret that we’ve done our fair share of traveling so far this summer. If your family still has some fun trips coming up – whether by car or by plane – below are some travel snacks that we think are great and easy to take along. Even if you just can’t (or won’t) stick to a real food diet once you get to your destination, I think it’s a good idea to bring some items for the trip there and even to supplement meals once you arrive. What good is a vacation if you feel sluggish (or even sick) from some not-so-great airplane or gas station food? And yes, you can take your own food and empty water bottle through airport security, provided you follow TSA guidelines for anything considered a liquid.*

  1. Homemade Trail Mix or Granola – Choose a simple, store-bought trail mix or bag up some yummy homemade granola cereal that you can just eat dry out of your hand.
  2. Simple store-bought Fruit and Nut Bars (or homemade!) – We personally like Lara Bars, Kit’s Organic and Raw Crunch. (Tip use coupon code “100DAYS” for 15% off your online Raw Crunch purchase.) or the homemade version of dried fruit and nut bars (more work but totally worth it!)
  3. Whole-Grain Muffins – there are so many options for delicious muffin recipes!
  4. Apples or Bananas (with our without an individual packet of peanut butter)
  5. Frozen Peas – you can enjoy them frozen and they double as an icepack for anything else you’re bringing
  6. Washed, Peeled, and Sliced Veggies like Carrots, Cucumbers and/or Celery – pack them in a divided lunch container with hummus or homemade dip like ranch or tzatziki – yum!
  7. Organic Popcorn
  8. Dried Fruit or Homemade Fruit Leathers
  9. Cherry Tomatoes or Grapes
  10. Whole-Grain Crackers or Brown Rice Cakes – you can make your own Easy Cheesy Crackers or for store bought our favorite brand is “ak-mak.”

Also, don’t forget to bring plenty of water along as well. If you will be flying just keep your reusable water bottle empty until you pass through security and then fill up on the other side. Please share your favorite “real food” travel snacks in the comments below!

* You can take solid foods through security, but according to the TSA website, any creamy dips, spreads, or other liquids must be placed in containers 3.4 oz or smaller and placed in a quart clear sized plastic bag. This includes foods such as jelly, peanut butter, spreadable cheeses, sauces, salad dressing, etc.


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