The 5 Best Dental Insurance Providers of 2020

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Ameritas is well known in the insurance industry as a top provider of dental insurance. The company has an “A (Excellent)” rating with A.M. Best and an “A+ (Strong)” rating with Standard & Poor’s. Ameritas also offers a “Dental Rewards” program, whereby enrollees can increase their annual maximum benefit to help pay for more expensive procedures in the future by visiting a dental provider each year and submitting a claim. The enrollee must stay or at below the dental plan’s annual benefit threshold of $500 for total claims paid during the year. Over time, the enrollee can earn up to the maximum reward accumulation of $2,000, and can earn a $100 dental network bonus for each year he or she visits an Ameritas network provider for dental care.

Here are some features that come standard with all Ameritas dental plans:

  • Preventive services are 100% covered with new network providers. Network providers charge 25% to 50% less than their regular rates.
  • Enrollees can visit any dentists who are out of network.
  • All plans include the “Dental Rewards” program.
  • Enrollees can save on prescriptions at over 60,000 participating network pharmacies.


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