Self Tanning Tips & Hacks

Now that Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner I wanted to share some of my favorite self tanning tips and hacks! If you follow these rules you will have a great self tan that fades beautifully, not splotchy.

Along with working at a tanning salon for 5 years and learning about both machine sprays, and becoming a spray tan artist, I have tried spraying at the salon and at home and have learned so many tips and tricks along the way!

Exfoliate: This step is huge! Usually you want to exfoliate at least 24 hours before you get a spray done at a salon or before you do it at home. This will ensure that your dead or dry skin will be smoothed out allowing for a more even application.

Shave prior: This is also super important because if you shave after, the color will be stripped and the areas you shaved will be lighter. You want to keep your tan one solid color so it looks more natural.

No makeup or moisturizer: You want your skin to be bare when you go to a salon to get sprayed or if you do it at home. This is super important because other products can interfere with the sprays or chemicals causing the color to get splotchy or uneven.

Watch your sheets: If you have white or pastel sheets 100% be careful! Make sure your tan is dried before you hit the sheets, or if there is a color guard, either change your sheets to a darker color, or put down towels so you can sleep on them. Otherwise your color is going to rub off on your sheets!

Follow up: Always leave on the spray, or self tanner on for the allotted time. If you do not you will not get the maximum color payoff. Of course, if you want to be lighter, you can wash it off but, to get the full color leave it on. When you shower you can shower regularly with soap and water but make sure to wash off the color guard if there is one.

Moisturize: You want to make sure your skin is always super moisturized. I always tell people, whether you are going to a salon or doing it at home, make sure you moisturize with a lotion that is alcohol free 2x a day. Look at the ingredients and also try and stay away from lotions with fragrances because they are more likely to have alcohol. You want to avoid alcohol because alcohol will dry out your skin and that will cause your spray or your color to fade blotchy.

Wash your hands: So many people make this mistake! If you forgo a tanning mitt and use your hands, please remember to wash your hands after you spray tan or self tan at home! This is so your palms don’t turn orange, or look fake! Usually the inside of your hands are lighter anyways. So go ahead and wash your hands for an even application.

Tanning Mitts: 100% purchase some tanning mitts if you are going to self tan at home. This is great because you apply the self tanner and rub with the mitt instead of your hand, leaving your hands clean and allows you to get a smooth application. Pick up one of these here, here or here. They are all from Ulta and are under $10 USD. They are all reusable.

Go lighter on darker areas: So we all have rough spots, or semi rough spots, either way these areas aren’t as smooth as the rest of us. For example, our knees, elbows heels, between the fingers. Because these areas are a little more rough, go lighter with the spray, mousse, or lotion around these areas. If you are getting a spray at a salon make sure you get little stickies for the bottom of your feet so you are not stepping in solution, and wash your hands after!

If you try and follow these rules your self tan will look amazing and fade great! Are you a self tan lover? Let me know in the comments down below!



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