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One of the benefits about renting an apartment or home instead of owning means that a lot of insurance needs fall on your landlord’s shoulders. But a landlord’s insurance won’t cover everything, and renters are often blindsided by expenses they never expected to pay. At Peachstate Insurance, we’ll educate you about different policies and help you find the best renters’ insurance for your budget.

What Does Apartment Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters’ insurance policies provide a lot of the same coverage as homeowners’ insurance. It usually includes:

  • Personal possessions coverage: This coverage helps reimburse you for belongings lost or damaged due to a disaster. Your landlord’s insurance typically won’t cover your items.
  • Liability protection: Liability protection assists in cases where bodily injury or property damage occur within your rented property.
  • Additional living expenses (ALE): This coverage helps pay living expenses if you must live elsewhere while the apartment building or other rented property is under repair.
  • Pet liability: Pet liability protects you in case your pet causes bodily injury or property damage. Landlords may require you to carry pet liability insurance. There are some limits to this coverage concerning exotic animals and certain dog breeds, so be sure to check with your landlord about their pet policy.
  • Accidental damage: This coverage depends on the insurance carrier and the policy, but most renters’ insurance policies will offer accidental damage coverage. It can extend outside of the property, as well, like in cases where your child damages a neighbor’s property.

You don’t have to purchase property insurance for a rented property since that’s the landlord’s responsibility. A landlord is responsible for insuring the dwelling itself, but their insurance won’t always protect your belongings. Perils covered beneath renters’ insurance typically include fire, smoke, windstorms, hail, theft and vandalism. Some water damages are covered beneath a renters’ insurance policy, such as if a pipe bursts, but flood insurance typically isn’t included. You can purchase separate flood insurance to protect your belongings from flood damage.

Does Renters Insurance Cover a Broken Window?

A renters’ insurance policy will usually only cover a broken window if it applies to accidental damage coverage. If you have this coverage and accidentally break a window, the insurance company may step in to replace the window or pay for the damages.

What We Can Do

Dedicated agents at Peachstate provide insurance to thousands of clients across Georgia. We work with reliable carriers to find you the best renters’ insurance at an affordable price. Call us today at 877-997-2478 or visit us right down the street.

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