Perfect eye liner (hacks and designs)

Looking at all those Cosmo magazines and those Oh So perfect models! One can’t miss out those eyes

Staring back at you with their perfect eye liners. The sultry eyes, flawless cat eyes, Scotch tape stencils to those near perfect Almond eyes. Here we share a few tricks and techniques so you too can get those flawless eyes:

Monolid eyes:


Start off with a thin line at the inner corner, when lining your top lash line make a thick arch. So when you open your eyes you would have that perfect size line. We recommend using liquid or a gel liner.

Almond eyes:


It is advised to follow the natural curve of your eyelids. Increase the thickness of the eye liner as you move towards the outer corner of your eye. Almond shaped eyes are perfect for winged eye liner.

Downturned eyes:


Downturned eyes are like Almond shaped, but only with a little downward tilt at the outer corners. To give it a more balanced or symmetrical look, opt for cat eyes or wing tips. Make sure you move upwards as you approach the outer corner of your eyes. Make it thin, with subtle wings and a dot of highlighter.

Round eyes:


Line the outer edges of your lash line to make your eyes look a little longer. Alternately, you can choose long winged liner look. It is best advised to apply liquid liner on your upper lash line, at the inner corner from where your iris starts, all the way to the outer corner. Remember, it’s all about that elongated wide eyed look.

Hooded eyes:


Are due to the folding over of the lid, which causes your eyes to look smaller. You would want to make your eyes look bigger with eye liner, start by applying thick liner at the outer corner of your eye, towards the lash base, continue the same between the roots of your lashes. We recommend using dark gel or pencil liner.

Close-set eyes:


With close set eyes, it is best to focus on the outer corners of your eyes. Using a soft eye pencil, apply a thin line at the inner corner and make it thicker at the outer corner, taking the line a bit longer than your lash line. Make sure it’s at its thinnest in the inner corner near the tear duct, as this emphasizes the closeness of your eyes.

Wide-set eyes:


With wide-set eyes, you want to focus on the inner corners of your eyes, to make your eyes seem closer together. Start the line by your tear duct, and avoid extending it past the outer corner of your eye, extending or thickening the end will only draw your eyes further apart. Smudge pencil lengthwise at the bottom for a night-outlook.

Protruding eyes:

In order to push back the lid space, we recommend applying a thick liner on the top lash line. To get that balance apply shadow to the bottom lash line and then add liner.


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