My Trading Technique

Posted on June 18, 2016 by wealthgrowadvisor

My Trading Technique :-


we received multiple emails asking for how to trade with given positional calls?

1. Publishing  Calls :-
At end of day we publish Positional call  for time horizon of  5-10 days { although it is not mandatory to exit  position in given time frame ( 5-10 days)if stock is doing well..  you can hold position provided  should be with strict trailing stop loss to lock profits.}

2. Placing Order @ exchange :-
Subsequently you need to place order at exchange at recommended price. once order executed you need to strictly observe & follow  STOP LOSS (weekly closing) .

3. Running Position:-
Once in a position keep watch on price movement of the stock .

4.Booking Profit :-
Once Recommendation is in profit say anything between 7% – 10 % ( even 5% is good) book partial quantity(50% recommended ) in profit and for remaining 50% put  trail stop loss at entry price.

5.Stay in Position :-
Remain  in Position until price is above your entry price for remaining full profit as per your own financial goals

6 Booking Loss :-
if stock start trading below stop loss price convincingly then exit 50 % position and hold 50 % till  weekly closing  ( generally Friday if no holiday in week) even on weekly closing stock trading below stop loss price exist from Recommendation .


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