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Read and learn The Quran wherever you are with our easy to use interface. Desktop and mobile friendly. It’s perfectly designed for beginners to advanced readers of the Quran. For beginners read with transliteration to help guide you through the Arabic writing. For experts, read and learn each Surah with English translation and Tafsir by world renowned scholars.
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One of the most important things we can do is make duaa to Allah (swt). Only through asking, praising, and remembering Allah can we achieve any success in this dunya and the akhirah. In the Duaa Center we research and share authentic prayers (dhikr) from Quran and Hadith so you may learn and recite them.

In order to do a job you must have the right tools. The goal is for you have a diverse range of tools in your toolbox so you may recite them as the situation calls for it.

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