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My financial independence information journey:
Rich Day Poor Dad
E-Myth Revisited
Mr Money Moustache
Extreme Early Retirement
Bigger Pockets

My financial independence career journey:
For now, I’m a marketing executive with 3 side hustles – real estate, blog, e-comm.

Any one of these side hustles can blossom into a successful business. These side hustles have the greatest probability of making themselves a success because I have a passion for all three and the marketplace has demand for such businesses.

All three side hustles, in time, will allow me to enjoy geo-arbirage while simultaneously earning good which is thereby invested in additional assets to build more passive income streams.

I have bonus lifestyle quotient points in that I enjoy the type of work. It’s a crossover intersection of my values, passions, natural aptitudes.

My financial independence vehicles of choice:
Broad based low cost index funds. Benefits include highly liquid, passive investing. JL Collins The Simple Path To Wealth.

401K’s – tax advantaged savings accounts i.e. most people are aware of these vehicles and only utilize these vehicles, but there’s so much more out there!

Real Estate – a hybrid investment vehicle; both passive (the simple way) and active (your own small business)

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