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Word family (noun) environment environmentalist (adjective) environmental (adverb) environmentally

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics:Environment & wasteenvironmenten‧vi‧ron‧ment /ɪnˈvaɪrənmənt/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL noun    1 →the environment2 [countable, uncountable]SITUATION the people and things that are around you in your life, forexamplethebuildingsyou use, the people youliveor work with, and thegeneralsituationyou are in  The company had failed to provide a safe environment for its workers.3 [countable] thenaturalfeaturesof a place, for example itsweather, thetypeoflandit has, and the type ofplantsthatgrowin it → habitat  a forest environment  a very adaptable creature that will eat different foods in different environmentsCOLLOCATIONS – Meaning 1: verbsprotect the environmentWe need to take drastic steps to protect the environment.conserve the environment formal (=protect it and prevent it from changing or being damaged)People need to live in harmony with nature and conserve the environment.harm/damage the environmentThe government insists that the dam will not harm the environment.destroy the environmentWe need to find ways of producing energy without destroying the environment.pollute the environmentNuclear waste will pollute the environment for centuries.clean up the environmentIt’s about time that we started cleaning up the environment.adjectivesthe natural environmentCurrent methods of farming are damaging the natural environment.the marine environment (=the sea and the creatures that live there)Fish farming poses a threat to the marine environment.phrasesbe good/bad for the environmentPlastic bags are bad for the harmful to the environmentEmissions from cars are harmful to the of the environmentIn developing countries, protection of the environment is not a primary concern.conservation of the environmentThere are many organizations dedicated to conservation of the environment.damage/harm to the environmentA lot of chemicals used in industry cause harm to the environment.the destruction of the environmentLogging has led to the destruction of the natural environment.pollution of the environmentThe waste material must be stored safely to avoid pollution of the environment.the effect/impact on the environmentThe building’s design will minimize its impact on the environment.COMMON ERRORS ► Don’t say ‘hurt the environment’. Say harm the environment or damage the environment. THESAURUSthe environment theair, water, and land onEarth, which isaffectedby man’sactivitiesWe need to do more to protect the environment.How much does air travel damage the environment?ecosystem technical all theanimalsand plants thatexistin a place,consideredas asinglesystemwith parts thatdependon each otherthe island’s fragile ecosystemThe rapid decline in the number of great sharks is disrupting the marine ecosystem.habitat the naturalhomeof an animal or plantThe tree can grow to be 120 feet tall in its natural habitat.the biosphere technical the Earth’ssurfaceandatmospherewhere animals and plants can liveScientists are monitoring changes in the global biosphere.ecology thescientificstudyof the way in which the animals, plants, and natural features of a place affect and depend on each otherShe’s studying marine adjective [only before noun]relatingto the environment or toprotectingthe environmentVoters are becoming more concerned about green issues.The party is keen to demonstrate its green credentials (=show that it thinks the environment is important).eco- prefix relating to the environment and protecting the environmenteco-friendly products (=which do not harm the environment)eco-tourism (=which does not harm the environment)eco-warrior (=someone who protests to try to save the environment)eco-sensitive land (=where the environment is easily damaged) COLLOCATIONS – Meaning 2: the people and things that are around you in your life, for example the buildings you use, the people you live or work with, and the general situation you are inADJECTIVES/NOUN + environmentthe physical environment (=the place where you live or work, including buildings, furniture etc)Improvements to the physical environment range from removing graffiti to planting trees.the immediate environment (=the building in which you live or work, and the area very close to it)Most accidents happen to young children within the immediate environment of their home.a safe environmentThe playground provides a safe environment for children.a stable environment (=without any big changes)They argued that being married helps provide a stable environment for bringing up children.a friendly/pleasant environmentThe restaurant offers a stylish and friendly environment with first-class service.a clean/dirty environmentPeople who live in a very clean environment may have a lower immunity to germs.a competitive environmentOur business has to operate in an increasingly competitive environment.a working/learning environmentMost people prefer a quiet working environment.the home/domestic/family environmentA lot of children suffer because of problems in their home environment.the economic environmentThe economic environment has changed, and many countries are sliding into recession.the business environmentIn today’s fast-moving business environment, companies must be flexible.the political environmentMinisters are having to make these decisions in a difficult political environment.the cultural/social environmentChanges in the cultural environment affect people’s attitudes and values. COLLOCATIONS – Meaning 3: the natural features of a place, for example its weather, the type of land it has, and the type of plants that grow in itadjectivesa coastal/desert/mountain etc environmentThe storm caused significant damage to the coastal inhospitable/harsh environment (=one where the conditions make life difficult)The freezing climate makes this one of the most inhospitable environments on the planet.a hostile environment (=with many difficulties and dangers)It is difficult to see how anything can survive in such a hostile environment.a fragile environment (=easily damaged or destroyed)Many people are worried about the impact of tourism on the region’s fragile environment. Examples from the Corpusenvironment• Almost everynewbornencountersan environment that acts toward it in asocialway.•Adaptationto a changing environment may benecessaryas before toachievetraditionalgoals.• As a socialscience,Geographyfocuseson how peoplecreateand use their socio-economic,builtandculturalenvironments.•Rememberall thoseexperimentswithratsliving inenrichedenvironments?• Dogirlslearnbetterin an all-female environment?• It’s not a verysafeenvironment for children there.• I didn’t feel that the neighborhood was a very safe environment forkids.• It isimportanttoemphasizeanyexplanationof thefootsoldiersis highlycontingentupon the environment in which they areoperating.• They wantedcontrolover their environment,includingfinancial,material, and otherresources.• Ourcompanytries tomaintainapleasantwork environment.• We have tried to create a working environment in which everyone candeveloptheirskills. From Longman Business Dictionaryenvironmenten‧vi‧ron‧ment /ɪnˈvaɪərənmənt-ˈvaɪr-/ noun [countable]1the environment the air, water, and land in which people, animals, and plants liveSince these chemicals were banned, pesticide levels in the environment have been declining.2the generalconditionsthatinfluencesomethingMoving forward in a changing environment is never easy.In the new global business environment the exchange of information is the key to success.The new company will be operating in a competitive environment.The results were in line with what we expected, in spite of the difficult economic environment.Despite the poor retail environment, the company is doing well.3COMPUTING thekindof OPERATING SYSTEM used by acomputerthe Windows environmentOrigin environment (1600-1700) environ “to surround” ((14-21 centuries)), from Old French environer, from environ “around”, from viron “circle”


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