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“I’m Homeless—How Can I Self-Quarantine?”

In California, homeless and housing-insecure families struggle to find safe places to shelter from coronavirus.

By Colleen Hagerty

Princess Latifa’s Great Escape

In exclusive interviews with her friends and family, Marie Claire goes behind the scenes of her last (failed) attempt to flee Dubai and their fight to #FreeLatifa.

By Abigail Haworth

Tales of a Hollywood Con Queen

She tormented studio executives, actors, makeup artists, photographers, screenwriters, and athletes for years—until Nicoletta Kotsianas was put on the case.

By K.J. Yossman

Emily Blunt on Growing Up With a Stutter

“I’ve probably only now come to realize that everybody has something growing up. That just happened to be my thing.”

By Sammy Blatstein

Annie Murphy Is Letting Go of Schitt’s

After five years as Alexis Rose on the hit comedy, the world is waiting to see what the actress does next.
So is she.

By Danielle McNally and Photographs by Tyler Joe

Staying In


We Could Be Getting More ‘Tiger King’

One of the subjects of Netflix’s hit documentary series suggested that the streaming service is working on another installment.

By Gabrielle Bruney

Royally Good

Prince Charles’s Special Reminder of His Sons

The Duke of Rothesay virtually helped open a temporary hospital this morning, sharing a rare peek into his workplace, which is covered in sweet family photos.

By Caroline Hallemann

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