Lifestyle Now vs. 100 Years Ago: What has changed?

Difference between Lifestyle Now and 100 Years Ago

Everyday our world and the way we live changes all around us. 100 years ago the American lifestyle was very different from the way it is today. People acted different towards one another, towards their elders, money was different and life had a different meaning. As time goes on these things change due to society and the way people act, think and feel. Some major changes between the way we live now and the lifestyle over 100 years ago is the way we speak and talk to each other, as well as the fear that lives deep inside of us.

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In today’s world people have a very low set of morals it seems. Children no longer respect their parents or elders and parents don’t care how they talk and act towards their children or others. If we were living back in the 1900’s you would never catch a child cursing at his mother or anyone else for that matter. Cities and stores treated each other with respect as well as with dignity. You could take your children to the park without worrying about if you’ll ever see them again. Now you have to worry about who’s around the corner. People no longer have morals or respect for human life. People’s lives revolved around their families and friends because there wasn’t instant contact with other groups of people who weren’t a part of their community. 


Money is the reason why our world seems to go around. Everyone is working for money, stealing to get money and selling their souls for money. Human life is being destroyed just for a quick dollar and to make ends meet. A hundred years ago you never saw someone murder a whole family for some cash or shoot up stores for a quick dollar. The payment for such actions was death or worse. Money was important but it wasn’t the cornerstone of everyone’s life. You could get a handle full of candy a hundred years ago for a penny and now you have to pay a dollar just for a candy bar. The difference now is there is so much more profit being made on everything and people are dependent on manufactured products much more now. In the past, people stored basic items and had more access to fresh foods and raw materials so that they could make things work without having to hire professionals or pay inflationary rates at every turn.


Fear is instilled in people’s minds everyday now. We are being told by the news media, the print media, our elected leaders and our neighbor that the world is becoming more and more dangerous. We are told that it’s no longer safe to let your children walk home from the store or even to the bus stop. Everywhere we turn there’s a child molester, a murderer, or a robber looking to get something fast. We live in fear that someone will shoot us tomorrow because they had a bad day. But life wasn’t always like this. No, 100 years ago you could let your children run around the park while you put a blanket down to sit on. People weren’t afraid to let their kids be babysat or afraid to let the plumber come and fix their sink. Our lifestyle is now has its norm in being paranoid about all and trust no one.

It’s your choice. Will you believe what others are telling you about the world or do you believe that there is beautiful future in store for your children? If you can find peace of mind, be like Gandhi, be the change you want to see in the world.


  • 100 years ago there wasn’t a fear campaign championed by the media and elected officials.
  • Respect is something to be taught to the younger generations. Families don’t seem to have time to teach the basics anymore.
  • Most of us feel tremendous pressure to achieve financial success in order to be seen as successful in the eyes of the many. The trick to feel successful if you are happy – regardless of material possessions.
  • Technology, the Internet, medicine and birth control have revolutionized human civilization.

Which is better?

  • Lifestyle Now
  • 100 Years Ago




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