Lifestyle Hacks for Working Moms

Being a mom is hard, being a working mom is really hard.* We spend our days away from our families, sometimes only getting a few precious minutes a day with our children and spouses.  We figure out how to fit soccer games and swim lessons in between meetings and business trips.  We spend our lives in some type of organized chaos and are always looking for ways to better organize ourselves or save just a few extra minutes in the day.

I wanted to create a place to collect all of the different things I’ve tested and let other people know what has or has not worked to make my life and the life of my family easier, more organized, and happier.

*Disclaimer: So is being a stay at home mom or any other kind of mom.  I’m not suggesting that one lifestyle is harder than the other and I can/will only comment on my own journey and personal challenges (also, major cred to all SAHMs, you’ve got the hardest job there is!).


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