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Life Insurance Underwritten by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

Life Insurance

Life insurance may be right for you if…

Your family means the world to you and you want to help make sure they’re taken care of after you’re gone.

You want to help ensure your mortgage is paid after you die so your family doesn’t have to leave the home they love.

If something happens to you, you want to help your kids get a quality education…just the way you planned.

You know there may be bills to pay after you’re gone. And you don’t want your loved ones to have to pay your final expenses.

We offer two basic types of life insurance

Term Life Insurance

Provides affordable coverage for a specific period of time. Payment amounts don’t change for the guaranteed premium period.

Typically, proceeds from a term life insurance policy may be used to cover needs like:

  • Pay off the mortgage on your home
  • Provide an emergency fund
  • Help provide for a child’s education fund
  • Pay off personal debts

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Permanent Life Insurance

Provides protection that lasts a lifetime or for the life of the policy. It may build cash value that can be used even when you are living.

Typically, permanent insurance is used to cover long-term needs like:

  • Pay for final expenses
  • Provide an ongoing income for your family
  • Supplement retirement income
  • Fund an estate or business continuation plan

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Smiling couple discussing life insurance needs

Find a plan to fit your need

Determining how much life insurance you need doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us help.

Determine Your Need

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