Life insurance

Do you need life insurance?

Take the time to consider how much money your loved ones might need to maintain their living standards if you were to pass away. This might include costs such as bills, mortgage repayments, school fees and any other debts you might need to repay.

How long do I need cover for?

When it comes to how long you need cover for, think about how long your kids will need financial support, or when your other half might retire.

Joint or separate life insurance policy?

If you and your partner would like combined cover, you can take out a joint policy. This pays out once and won’t provide cover for the second person after the first passes away.

You can also both take out two separate policies. So once we pay out for one person their policy will end – but the second person’s policy will continue. 

Discover more about choosing between joint and separate policies with our helpful article.


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