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An evermore avatar of AFFECTION, With a glistening badge of BELIEF, A spirit that is so CHEERFUL, DEVOTED to the T. She is an epitome of EMPATHY, She is FEARLESS and GALLANT, No patriarchy can bring her down, She is HEROIC, she is INDEPENDENT. JOYFUL and euphoric, With KINDNESS that shines through, She breathes LIFE into the lifeless, She is MESMERIZING, she is beautiful. Believing in her NATURAL beauty, She endeavors to OVERTAKE the world, Annihilating the clouds of doubt with POISE, She is a QUEEN – the one that REBELLED. SUCCESSFUL and prospering, She is what aspirations are made of, Her TALENT surprises all her nay-sayers, She is for real, she is UNBEATABLE. Her VALOR is par excellence, No cynic can bring her down, She is a WOMAN of substance, She is XENIAL, the one who can not be dis-crowned. Her YOUTHFULNESS is relentless, Her ZEALOUSNESS can not be paralleled, She is forbearing and merciful, SHE is what makes the world inhabitable!


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