How to Make Honest Money Online

There is an incredibly UNDERWHELMING amount of people who are able to make money online. Out of the countless who try, FAR less than 1% of them succeed and I would even say that 1% is too optimistic. 

Yet, there are people who do it. And I am one of them. Here’s just a snippet of the success I have with this business. It is absolutely possible for you to achieve as well and I will show you how it’s done:

And updated ones for 2019:

I’ll explain in a moment who I am but more importantly, the question is…

  • So what am I doing right?
  • What are “they” doing right?

Well here’s the answer:

  • Some people make money in this business by ripping others off. They pitch, sell and trick people into handing over money for promises that they, the buyer will make even more money for their “investment”.
  • Then there’s some people who actually make money in this business providing something of TRUE value to others, giving them great information, advice and selling products and services which actually hold real value and ethical outcomes. 

Now I am proud to say that I am in the second category of marketers who run a fully automated business on the internet. And what you hear about people working from home, picking their own hours and having a lot of freedom is absolutely true and possible, but only if you follow what I have personally learned works and that’s 3 very important tips which I’ll share momentarily…

But who am I? Where are my credentials?

Fair question:

1) The name’s Vitaliy and to date (since 2005), I have amassed over $1 million in revenue from online marketing.

2) Additionally, I have recently opened up free coaching services you can read about below.

3) You are also more than welcome to view my blog on this very site (see menu above) where I talk about topics relating to actually making money online as well as review programs that claim to teach that correctly and in the reviews I do, I typically dissect the program and let you know if it works. 

4) As for specific credentials (aka, the proof of over $1 million earned), look no further than the top right of this page where I share some real life case studies in which I’ve made anywhere from a little profit to gigantic sums of money as well as the income stats I just shared with you above.

In some case studies, I detail how I create a little bit or a good amount of income online. While in others, I explain really huge success stories, such as one case where I made a $200,000 website.

I actively add more and more of these so you are always welcome to follow this site, ask me questions and see how I’m making money online, because in each case study I do, I explain how I did it so you can too:

How I make this work: 

There is a specific formula to making a stable and dependable income from the internet and here it is:

While you may have light bulbs popping up from reading this, I’m sure a large majority of you will ask what a niche is…

Fear not, here’s some examples that should clear that up:

While there’s only 2 examples there, it should be enough to at least clarify, even if only a bit, how this business works and let me tell you, it is the BEST and most successful formula I’ve ever tried. With this formula, you’re ethically making money.

Don’t deviate from this formula…and here’s why:

Of the countless people I’ve showed this formula to, there have been a large percentage who have felt this was too much, took too much work and they just didn’t want to bother with it.

They needed a “quicker route”. Inevitably this way of thinking ALWAYS leads people down to scam products, which while promising those quick routes, only offers misery and lighter wallets, if not a downright bankruptcy at the end of the road…

And it may even be that you are reading this page right now because you were down that road and you already know how it ended and are ready to come back and try again. Let me repeat: The formula I gave you above is the BEST to create a stable and ethical business through, BUT…

It takes work. You can’t make easy money with easy effort.

Shortcuts in life exist only when you worked hard enough to create that.

Imagine a man who is building a bridge to travel through. He has a short distance to go from one land to another, but it’s divided by water, hence why he needs a bridge. Traveling around on foot takes too long, so a bridge makes the path short, but he needs to make it.

He has to put in the hard work, make the bridge and when it’s done, he will be able to travel with ease.

With this analogy one part of land represents where you are now, the person looking to basically do what I do.

And the other piece of land, where you’re aiming to get to is where you are at the point of making good money and enjoying life. 

To get there, you need to build that bridge. The question is how and that’s where I want to share a very important bridge building option…

The one program that helps you build that bridge. 

Of the countless mistakes I made trying to build my personal bridge to success, I learned that in order to do this, I needed a proven formula to building it. 

And once I found it, and put in the effort and overtime, I built it and now I sit here writing about how you can too, making a healthy online income. So what is this proven formula? 

It is basically a program which nails down the niche site formula I talked about.

A single site can have earning potential well into full income levels (such as the ones you saw above) and whatever you personally believe that to be, be it even millions, a single site CAN reach that level with the right training. 

I honestly have several examples to show how well following this program has done for me and one of the biggest is this one which last year grossed over $70k, all by following that plan of helping people fix problems I showed you earlier. 

And frankly, anyone who also dedicates themselves to working with this program can get the same results.

My recommendation: 

1) Understand the main point I made about the best way to earn online.

2) Do not allow yourself to be disillusioned by the get rich quick programs. They are mirages, they are fakes and they will take your money and time. 

3) Take the proven program that teaches #1, and do what it tells you and work hard. If there’s anyway to get success in anything, it’s to mimic something that’s already working. 

My final thoughts:

What I share in this article alone is something I wish I had told my past self when I got involved in this business. So much misery and money could have been saved, which is why I am trying to help you avoid that now. 

But I am happy to report that I did learn from all of this, made the necessary changes, put in the hard work and have grossed over a million dollars in my time working in this business. I wish you the same results and more! 


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