How to grow my wealth as I approach 40 years of age?

1. Emergency fund – Generally, people keep 6 to 12 months worth of routine expenses in this fund. Personally, I keep a lot more, about 24 months. So, ask if your emergency fund is excessive. Could the amount actually be lower?

2. 2 room BTO flat – I gather from your email that you are a single. So, I think this is a super choice for a home. Good value for money and most practical. You will be paying for this with your CPF-OA funds, I guess. Of course, you want to set aside some money for furnishing and stuff. Call this your renovation fund or something. For me, I think $10K is probably enough.

3. Endowment policies – These sound like they are going to behave like annuities (for you). Sounds like good retirement income tools although without further details, it is hard to tell if the returns are attractive. If the returns are attractive enough for you and they give you peace of mind, just keep them.

4. Take a look at your CPF-SA. You can do minimum sum top ups yearly up to $7,000 a year. Try to hit the MS ceiling as soon as possible. Let the magic of compounding do the rest. It will ensure that you have a meaningful monthly income from your CPF Life annuity from age 65. It could be as much as $1,300 a month (for now).

5. As for investments, the first rule is that you must only use money you can afford to lose. This means that you should be able to suffer short term losses on paper without having to worry. Money that has been earmarked for specific purposes or might be needed in an emergency should not be used. Then, you have to read up. Pick up some knowledge. If you do not have the inclination to do this, you could consider regular investment plans offered by OCBC or POSB.

Many of the things I have mentioned in this reply are found in my blog. So, just do a search and you will find them. 😉
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