How does time management affect my health?

How you manage your time can either cause or alleviate stress. Interestingly, stress can be interpreted as positive or negative, depending on its intensity and frequency. Productive or positive stress, known as eustress, is a controlled amount of stress that produces a steady state of alertness that can help you focus, but without all the negative side effects of distress [source: WebMD].

Too much negative stress can overwhelm you — and in extreme cases, temporarily immobilize you — making it feel impossible to accomplish your goals. Stress causes the body to secrete adrenaline and cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for the “fight or flight” response. Just the right amount of adrenaline might help you to become more productive. However, high levels of stress for prolonged periods may have dangerous physical effects including high blood pressure, anxiety and heart disease. Chronic stress causes the body to slow digestion, raise heart rates and increase insulin levels in the blood [sources: Mayo Clinic: Stress, Mayo Clinic: Stress symptoms].

One way to improve your time management, perform optimally and feel less stress is to sleep more. Read on to discover why.


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