How Do Humans Affect the Environment ( 6 + Negative Ways)

Human is the only living being on the earth that is responsible for the destruction of the environment. He does it due to his ability to exploit the natural resources beyond the limits of safety. By the rise in human population, unlimited desire for luxury and heavy dependence on technology.

Hence, he contributes to the dangerous climate change which can lead humans to extinction.

How do humans affect the environment?

  1. Polluting
  2. Non-Veg diet
  3. Technology
  4. Deforestation
  5. Excess usage of commodities
  6. Wastage of resources: water, power, petroleum etc.

Pollution: Humans pollute a lot and contribute to air pollution, water, sound, radiation, light, and even soil pollution.

This is due to many of the human activities like travel, power

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generation, industrial waste dumped into rivers, polyethylene waste, artificial methods used in agriculture, cell phones, wifi etc.

This pollution is harmful not only to humans but also to animals and plants around. This pollution decreases the healthy lifespan.

Hence we can see that there is an extinction of many types of birds, plants, marine animals etc. We can even notice many animals die due to consumption of polyethylene covers. This polyethylene cover pollution is the result of litter by human use of poly bags.

Also, carbon emission is increased due to growth in vehicles and leading air, water and soil pollution.

Non-Veg diet: Humans digestive tract is a long one like that of the herbivorous animal. While that of the gut of carnivorous animals is small & less unfolded. This indicates that humans are suitable for vegetable diet. Even evolution theory says humans are from monkeys which are herbivores. But interestingly most of the human population relies on the non-veg diet. This reliance on the non-veg diet is expensive in terms of the environment. Because to grow a hen of I kilo weight we need many kilos of wheat.

Instead, a kilo of wheat is sufficient for a diet of more than two individuals. So we grow animals for food at the cost of many kilos of herbal diet. This requires growing cereals in many acres of land by use of manures, pesticides etc. which is again polluting to nature.

Similarly, we kill many birds, deer and other wild animals from the forest for sake of a diet. This decreases their population drastically and is a cause of extinction.

Technology: Though technology is making the lives of humans easier and comfortable. It poses a great threat to the environment. The threat is due to pollution, radiation hazards, the exploitation of natural resources etc.

Radiation hazard is increasing day by day due use of mobile phones and Wi-Fi around us. Hence we can notice that many small birds and insects like honey bees are not found around these days. Even governments are promising to give free Wi-Fi without realizing its harmful effects. If you wish to know the harsh effects, sit in a library or conference room with Wi-Fi enabled inside. You will notice to be having stomach acidity or a headache there. Wi-Fi reduces the use of wired internet connectivity. Still, wi-fi has untoward effects on the humans and environments.

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Deforestation: Deforestation and widespread destruction of trees and plants in the name of expansion and urbanization drastically affect the environment around.

Even we can see that there are some companies building resorts as a means of holiday trip into the deepest woods in the world.

Thus we are exploiting the nature and environment beyond the safe limits. Hence we can see wild animals getting into villages and attacking humans.

Deforestation is decreasing the forest area and endangering the lives of wild animals. They have no place to hide, no proper lakes or ponds for drinking water etc. Hence animals die due to dehydration, starvation, and even accidents. So there is a need to conserve trees and forests

See more details on why we need trees for survival.

Excess usage of commodities: We use many commodities out of fantasy than really required. We tend to own a hundred pairs of leather shoes, purses, belts etc. All of them are made of skin and hides of animals. Many animals like cows, buffaloes, ox, pig are killed for their skin though not for food. This way the unlimited desire for commodities is, in fact, causing great pain and suffering to the normal animals. Even the tigers, elephants are killed in large numbers for their hide, nails, and tusks in the name of decorative items. Thus, the human’s greed for more is causing them to be extinct in a few more years.

Besides, there is rampant use of plastic everywhere. The plastic can be recycled, but most of it left into oceans. This has lead to contamination of the oceans floors.

Many marine animals like whales die due to this plastic waste. Whenever we shop, we tend to get some sort of plastic in it. Be it the actual item purchased or the cover which is used to enclose the item is plastic. Besides, when we buy some eatables, we get some sort of disposable plastic. Like the spoon, bottle or cover. Since we do buy something on daily basis, it adds up to the plastic pollution.

Wastage of resources: We have been exploiting coal, petroleum for our needs by digging the earth crest for decades. Most of the extraction of petroleum is done in the name of storage for future needs. In future, if technology reverts to hydrogen fuels this petroleum stored might go waste. Also instead of natural methods, we use coal for power generation. This coal once dug leaves cavities in the earth surface. These cavities can be troublesome in times of floods and also cause of earthquakes. Also, we have been wasting many resources including soils, water.


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