House Cleaning Checklist – (15+ Cleaning Tips and Tricks)

Moms have the hardest job in the world. It gets even more complicated when they have a career. On top of working, they have their motherly duties, such as preparing dinner, bathing, homework, and ensuring the kids get to any extra-curricular activities they are in. In-between all of this, career moms must find some time to maintain the cleanliness of the house. With such a hectic schedule, remembering what needs cleaning or what has already been cleaned is a lot for one mind to process. Using a house cleaning checklist template to chart it all makes it a lot easier.

Here are some house cleaning checklists to help you.

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Simple House Cleaning Checklist


Deep House Cleaning Checklist

A deep house cleaning checklist helps to ensure everything in your house gets clean. Daily and weekly cleaning sometimes miss areas that don’t need cleaning as often. This may lead to it never getting cleaned. With a deep house cleaning checklist, you can have a reminder of when something was cleaned last.

Weekly/Monthly House Cleaning Checklist

Something always needs cleaning. Having it mapped out with a weekly monthly cleaning checklist is a big help to busy moms. This is great to keep track of what is being cleaned and what still needs work. You can section off certain tasks for kids, designating their chores.

House Cleaning Checklist PDF

Home Cleaning Service Checklist

Sample House Cleaning Checklist

2 Hour House Cleaning Checklist

After working a long day, you are tired, both physically and mentally. Having a cleaning list prepared to show you what you need to do cuts down on you deciding what needs to be done. It can create a habit and make it so much easier.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

House Cleaning Checklist in PDF

Printable House Cleaning Checklist

Sample House Cleaning Checklist Template

Maid Service Cleaning Checklist Template

If you are fortunate enough to hire a maid, having a checklist for them gives them guidance into what your needs are. It will show you what work they have finished and determine if they are worth the money.

House Cleaning Checklist Excel

15 House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Here are fifteen tricks to make cleaning your house faster and more efficiently.

Begin Cleaning at The Top

It doesn’t matter where you are cleaning your house. Starting at the top of the area will ensure any dust or dirt falls to the floor. This will eliminate any additional cleaning on your part.

Time Yourself

Give yourself a time limit of how long you will clean each room or area. For example, how long does it take you to make your bed? Set realistic times and get it done.

Bathroom Cleaning

Remove everything off of the counters and start to spray cleaning solution on them and your bathtub. Continue by cleaning the toilets. it will make it easier if you let the cleaner sit before you wipeout off.

Make Or Buy A Cleaner For Everything

Switching back and forth between cleaner for the bathroom and cleaner for the kitchen is time-consuming. There are plenty of cleaners in stores that can be used for everything. You can also make a simple solution for this purpose, too.

Stinky Shoes

Your shoes are going to stink. But they don’t have to. Pour a little baking soda in them and this will eliminate the smell.

Mysterious Coloring

Moms all have to deal with cleaning colored walls from various spots their kids have decided to make a coloring book. Toothpaste is like a magic eraser for removing these stains. Use this instead of scrubbing like a madman.

Stuffed Animals Need Love, Too

Of course, you wash those beloved stuffed animals, right? When it is still too early to wash them, a lint roller will give them a quick refresher, as well as cut down on the smell.


Our pets are more like part of the family. They lay on our couch and bed, leaving a stinky smell. Baking soda fights back against pet odor. You can simply sprinkle it and vacuum it up.

Drain Clogs

Did you forget your drains need cleaning, too? If they are clogged or just need a good flushing a combination of baking soda and vinegar will do the trick.

Kitchen Cabinets

How often are you cleaning your cabinets? Grease from cooking can be splashed onto them and accumulate bacteria. Use some dish soap of any brand to a spray bottle, add warm water and spray those cabinets down.


While your sheets should be cleaned at least once a week, comforters and pillows have a much longer time before they need attention. A good way to keep on top of this is to wash them every time the seasons change.

Liquid Soap Only

A bar of soap on the bathroom sink creates a goop that you have to clean later. Instead, use a liquid soap that pumps out to avoid this.

Microwave Cleaning

One of the easiest ways to clean your microwave is to use lemons. Place them in a bowl with about a cup of water. Heat them in your microwave until you see the windows steaming up. Let the lemons remain in the microwave for ten minutes and wipe away any residue from foods.

Shiny Faucets

Toothpaste has a lot of other uses besides to clean your teeth. Use it again to make your faucets extra shiny.

Dishwasher for It All

You don’t have to use your dishwasher for only dishes. Toys, bathroom accessories, and more can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Oven Glass

A Magic Eraser is great for removing grease and dirt from the oven glass. Within a short amount of time scrubbing with the Magic Eraser, you will see amazing results.

Stove Burners

Stove burners accumulate so much dried on food that has burned. Ammonia will take off all the grime. They need to soak in the ammonia overnight in order for this to work.


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