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And our mission is simple – to help you create the financial independence you deserve so you have a choice on how you spend your money, your time, and your energy. 

You see, I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I bet…

  • You know that spending 40+ years in a cubicle is not for you
  • You want change now – enough is enough, you are ready for your bigger life NOW

Not in 40 years… Today.


The “Be” Phase – We will align your money mindset, core values, and financial goals with your investing activities to craft an investing roadmap you can have complete confidence in.

Take Action

The “Do” Phase – We will execute and optimize simple, repeatable systems, leverage a team, and crush “analysis paralysis” to get your money working hard for you now.

Build Wealth

The “Have” Phase – We will level-up your game, create cashflow now, grow your assets, so you can live the life you want, and you don’t always have to work for money.

A self-paced experience with everything you need to confidently build your residential rental business 
(even out of state)


A group coaching experience with the strategy, execution, accountability support you need to propel your business forward 


A 1v1 experience where we deep dive together into your business strategy and systems, clearing obstacles quickly so you can scale


“Whitney has been indispensable in my journey to investing in real estate. Both encouraging and realistic, she has helped me hone in on my “why” and suggest paths based on my time, resources and expertise level. She is enthusiastic and knowledgeable on everything from financing, residential real estate, commercial syndications to problem solving the unplanned events that are bound to come with real estate investing. A business brain in a nature lovers body, Whitney understands this journey isn’t about money rather about the life you want for yourself and your family.”

Jess T., Working Mom, Investor

“Whitney blends art and science with her approach to financial & investment consulting. She’s taken an extremely complicated network of concepts and distilled them down into digestible chunks. Even better, she’s patient and graceful in leading a newbie like me through those chunks. Often sharing her own “mistakes” as part of the education—a technique that’s both humanizing and encouraging. I’m forever grateful for the inspiration and support Whitney has provided me and my family!”

Alex O., Working Mom, Investor

“Whitney has helped me evaluate deals and connect me to a great network of lenders, insurance agents, property managers and brokers. She is unbelievably knowledgeable in the real estate investment industry. She is my go-to when ever I have a question and her guidance is always a perspective I hadn’t considered. I value Whitney’s opinion greatly and she has helped me grow my investments and nest egg!”

Jessi F., Working Mom, Investor

“Whitney’s approach and skillset is radically different from any other coach or consultant I’ve ever worked with. Within 6 months of working with her, I’d had almost all my bills paid off, emergency savings in the bank, a new rental unit and a new job that doubled my income. But the best thing that came out of her coaching was realizing my self-worth…what I really wanted in life and why I wanted it.”

Meg K., Working Mom, Business Owner, Investor

“They say knowledge is power. Working with Whitney has been the perfect example of this. The knowledge we’ve gained (and will continue to!) has changed our lives. We have a mindset to make money work for us in our day to day, we’ve learned strategies that have afforded us vacations we didn’t think were possible, and are working toward specific long-term goals. In short, our dreams are coming true because we’re learning how to play the money game.”

Ashley & Jameison C., Working Parents, Entreprenuer, Investor

“Whitney has been such a helpful resource over the years as I’ve leaned on her expertise in personal finance. She knows how to explain seemingly complex topics in a digestible and actionable way, and I look forward to working with her as I move toward purchasing my first investment property!”

Ginger K., Working Professional, Investor


Whitney is a real estate investor and personal finance trainer whose vision is to help thousands of families on their path towards financial independence. After purchasing her first rental in 2002, and hitting a home run, then nearly losing it all on her second deal, Whitney took control and figured out how to invest in real estate the right way. She realized that success must leave clues. So, she studied and using her skills in research,  business operations and training, she replicated the very personal finance and wealth creation strategies the wealthy use to create financial freedom. Today, Whitney is a partner in $378M+ of real estate assets, including 3,000+ residential units (SFR, MF, MHP, and assisted living) and 1,430+ self-storage. 

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