Hide the Man Gut – Products and Tips to Hide your Stomach

Hide The Man Gut

Do men have body image issues? For me this is obviously true when it comes to a man with a gut or beer gut. There are basically three ways of hiding the Man Gut.

  1. Suck in your stomach and hold your breath. This one only works short term for photo opportunities and in front of the mirror when we try to remind ourselves how we used to look like. This one I will not discus in further detail.
  2. Change the clothes you wear. This can have a huge effect in how you look.
  3. Wear something like a male corset underneath your clothes.

Hide the Man Gut through Clothing

A large stomach (or beer gut / beer belly) is very unattractive to us women. If you are large around the middle, follow these men’s fashion tips on how to dress for your body appearance, for a new slimmer looking you.

  1. Putting on loose clothes may make your own body appear bigger, and clothes that are too tight as well as clingy will have the effect of creating the  Paddington bear in you. The key is to take a an approach that is in between the two, discovering pieces that skim your body instead of cling.

  2. Layering is another great way of making you look more slim (works only if you are not too bulky). Combine this with choosing similar dark colours for your dressing to have even more of a slimming effect. You can wear a dark colour shirt or top with trousers and wear a different colour of blazer or jacket over it. You combine the layering with the dark similar colours.

  3. Only wear Long-sleeved shirts. These shirts create a more proportioned look of your body. Sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts draw more attention to your gut.
  4. Stripes can have a big effect . Horizontal stripes are an absolute no go. Vertical stripes (although not too wide) do help because they will stretch out the look of your body. Diagonal lines will certainly draw attention to your belly like the horizontal ones because of the widening impact. A great tip is the use of Pinstripe shirts as they can be more slimming. Team these with dark colour trousers.

  5. Small prints (not too small) that are spaced wide appart will also make you appear slimmer.
  6. Vests are a another great method to conceal your man gut.

Can’t Suck It In Guys? Get The Man Girdle

Australian brand Equmen has great products to streamline your posture they are also known as “Man Girdles” or “Mirdles” . Nothing beats the Aussies at abbreviating words. It makes waists appear trimmer, enhances posture and helps males get into the latest slimmer-fitting suits.

Website: www.equmen.com

EQUMEN – Man girdle products


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