Here’s how to write a killer dating app bio that will get you SO many more swipes

Ever wondered if there’s a golden hour to swipe on Tinder, Bumble or Happn? Curious about whether your dating lingo is up to par? Second-guessing your bio with the Friends gif and the sunset selfie on your profile?

Well, now there’s a surefire to maximise your chances of finding The One, thanks to Tinder’s inaugural “Year in Swipe,” an overview of user behaviour which captures the top Tinder trends in 2018, as well as some killer tips from the UK’s top dating experts to take you through 2019. Read on to ensure your profile stands out from the crowd…

The best time to swipe


Turns out, the best time of day to swipe right is, drum roll…Monday. At 6-9pm, to be precise.

The best month to search for a date
Looking for a spring fling? March was the most active month for Brits – so bear this in mind when you emerge from your winter hibernation, and be sure to be online when the clock strikes 9.

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Top Bio Tips from Tinder and Eugénie Legendre, Dating Trends expert, at happn


Be adventurous: If you fancy yourself as a start-up CEO, or love travelling to far-flung corners of the globe, then good news: profiles with the tags ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘adventurer’ scored the most amount of swipe rights.

Add music to your profile: Drake’s In My Feelings was the #1 Spotify anthem for Tinder users across all countries with Spotify, closely followed by Ariana Grande’s female empowerment anthem God is a Woman, which made the top 10 in the UK.

Feature at least 3 pictures: At Happn, they advise that users have at least three different pictures in order to give potential dates a true idea of what you look like, but make sure that your first picture clearly shows your face so potential connections can immediately see you – trying to work out which one you are in a group of 10 is time consuming and annoying. However, make sure the rest of your pictures show different sides of your personality and lifestyle: are you a traveller? A socialite? A foodie? An art lover? A sports person? Then don’t hesitate to show it. A series of five identical selfies is worth one nice headshot, so it’s time to freshen up your picture for the new year with a friend’s or relative’s help.

Always use emojis: Even if you’re seriously into dating, emojis can be a fun way of expressing yourself that adds colour and will help describe yourself in a very visual and straightforward way. Research into Happn users’ profiles has found that men use way more emojis than women.


In fact, 64% of men use them in their profiles, compared to just a third (36%) of women. The most popular emoji users have is the red heart, followed by the peace sign and in third place the winky face, but as these are very common, you should try and find the ones that will differentiate you from other profiles. Ultimately, a few words about you with emojis is always better than just an emoji though. Over on Tinder, pizza was the most-mentioned food in people’s bios, confirming that dough is in fact a universal love language.

You’re welcome.

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