Papaya is a beta-carotene-rich food filled with powerful enzymes and phytochemicals that are good for the skin. These enzymes slow down the formation of fine lines and wrinkles by combating free radicals.  

Other than this, the secret beauty nutrient in papaya is papain, an enzyme that has skin-lightening properties. It can reduce the visibility of blemishes and acne scars. Also, Papaya is good for reducing pigmentation.

Together with alpha-hydroxy acids, papain acts as a gentle exfoliator that dissolves inactive protein and dead skin cells. Applying papaya topically to the skin will soften your skin, leaving it smooth and supple. Papaya also has a deep-cleansing action that will push out all the junk from clogged pores.

However, ensure that you don’t use papaya face masks if you have sensitive skin. The enzymes and alpha hydroxyl acids may irritate your skin in such cases. Always use a test patch on your inner elbow to confirm if the face mask ingredient is fine for your skin.


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