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Erie Homeowners Insurance Review and Prices

Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Erie Insurance was founded by two partners as Erie Insurance Exchange. At first, the company sold only auto insurance, but it later expanded to other types of insurance and added offices in other states. In addition to homeowners policies, Erie now sells insurance for autos, motorcycles, boats and recreational vehicles, as well as life insurance, retirement planning and an array of business products. It also sells specialized insurance for condo owners, mobile home owners and renters.

However, Erie only sells insurance in limited parts of the East and Midwest. Moreover, it only sells its products through licensed independent agents, with no option to buy online or even get an estimate. The company does pride itself on its customer service and cites a customer satisfaction rate of more than 90%.

Erie works with more than 12,000 independent agents in 12 states and Washington, D.C. It employs more than 5,000 people who maintain about 5 million policies and has an A+ rating for financial strength from A.M. Best.

What Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options Are Available From Erie?

A standard home insurance policy with Erie includes coverage for the primary dwelling to help pay for damage from storms, fire and other events. Standard policies also include personal property coverage for protection against fire, theft and other losses, as well as loss-of-use coverage to provide alternate housing and meals if you need to relocate while your home is repaired. Standard liability coverage protects against medical costs and lawsuits from dog bites, falls and other incidents incurred by others on your property. In addition, Erie Insurance offers a guarantee to some policyholders to fully cover the cost of replacing a home if it’s declared a total loss. This guarantee is not available with all policies in all states, so ask an agent for more information.

Optional coverages include policies for floods and earthquakes, along with water damage from a sump pump failure or drain backup. Also available is coverage for valuables such as jewelry, firearms, computers and other equipment, all of which might not be covered by a standard homeowners policy. Other optional coverages include identity theft protection to help recover from fraud or a data breach, service line protection for utilities and other services, home business protection and rental income protection.

What Homeowners Insurance Discounts Are Offered by Erie?

Erie Insurance has three main home insurance discounts:

  • Multipolicy discount. Purchasing more than one policy from Erie, such as bundling homeowners insurance with auto insurance, can save money. Specific savings will vary but average around 20%.
  • Safety systems discount. Erie offers discounts for homes equipped with fire alarms, a burglar alarm or a sprinkler system.
  • Advanced quote discount. New customers coming to Erie from another insurer may get a discount if they inquire about a quote before their current policy runs out.

What Additional Homeowners Insurance Coverages Are Offered by Erie?

Erie offers a variety of optional coverages for things not included in a standard homeowners policy. Check with an agent or company representative to determine the best policy for your needs.

  • Earthquake insurance: This covers damage to your home and possessions caused by an earthquake, which is not included in most standard homeowners policies.
  • Flood insurance: Most standard homeowners policies will cover a burst pipe but do not insure against flood damage from overflowing rivers, oceans or other bodies of water. A separate policy is needed for this and may be required if you live in a flood zone.
  • Water backup and sump overflow: This helps pay for damage caused by a failed sump pump, clogged drain or sewer line.
  • Service line protection: This covers damage to buried gas, electric, water or other service lines.
  • Jewelry and high-end valuables: While a standard homeowners policy typically covers possessions and furnishings in the home, expensive jewelry or art collections may require additional coverage.
  • Firearms: Additional coverage may be needed for firearms, particularly if they are part of a collection or antiques.
  • Computer and equipment: This provides extra coverage for expensive computers and other equipment that represent a substantial investment beyond a basic home computer.
  • Other structures: Some outbuildings or other structures on your property that aren’t attached to the main structure may not be covered by a standard policy and may require additional coverage.
  • Personal liability: Erie offers additional protection against personal liability claims if visitors or their possessions are damaged on your property.
  • Identity recovery: This helps pay to restore your credit and otherwise recover from identity theft or other types of fraud.
  • Home business protection: If you run a business out of your home, this provides coverage for equipment and supplies associated with that business that may not be covered by a standard homeowners policy.
  • Rental income protection: If you rent space in your home or have an apartment attached to your residence, this provides income protection if tenants have to move out due to damage from a fire or other loss.

Other Questions About Erie Homeowners Insurance

What does Erie homeowners insurance cover?
A standard homeowners policy with Erie covers damage to your home and its contents from theft, fire or storms, along with liability protection if guests are injured on your property. It also includes loss-of-use coverage to help pay for meals and lodging elsewhere while your home is repaired.

What does Erie’s homeowners insurance not cover?
A standard homeowners policy with Erie does not cover damage from a flood or an earthquake, both of which require additional coverage and could be mandatory depending on where you live. Valuable art, jewelry or collectibles may also require additional coverage, along with a home office if you work at home. If you rent space in your home, or have outbuildings or other structures not attached to the main structure, these also may require additional coverage.

How much is Erie homeowners insurance?
To insure a prototypical $250,000, two-bedroom town house in Illinois, we calculated a cost of $34 per month with Erie. That’s less than every other insurer we looked at. Your costs will vary, depending on the location, size and age of your home and other factors. An Erie spokesperson told us the average cost of its homeowners insurance is around $800 per year.

Does Erie’s homeowners insurance cover mold?
A standard homeowners policy limits coverage for loss caused by mold, fungi, dry rot, etc., to $10,000.

Does Erie’s homeowners insurance cover water damage?
A burst pipe or failed washing machine hose may be covered by a standard homeowners policy with Erie, but water damage caused by a lack of maintenance is not. Flood damage also isn’t covered by a standard policy, and damage from a failed sump pump or backed-up drain may not be either. Optional coverage is available for all of these, however.

Does Erie’s homeowners insurance cover termites and insects?
Erie’s standard homeowners coverage excludes termite and insect damage.

Does Erie’s homeowners insurance cover theft?
Loss from theft is included in a standard homeowners policy from Erie. But valuable jewelry, art or other collectibles may require additional coverage.

Does Erie’s homeowners insurance cover roof leaks?
Damage from roof leaks is typically covered by a standard policy from Erie, but the cost to repair the roof is not.

Does Erie’s homeowners insurance cover tree damage?
Damage from falling trees or branches is typically covered.

Does Erie’s homeowners insurance cover dog bites?
A standard policy does cover dog bites, but depending on the severity of the injury, you may quickly reach your coverage limits. Minor bites that simply require bandaging and perhaps a tetanus shot are generally covered, but a more serious attack from a larger dog could be another story. As a result, additional coverage might be a good idea. Talk to an agent for more details.

Does Erie’s homeowners insurance cover personal injury?
A standard policy provides coverage for injuries to others on your property, but you may want to consider additional coverage if you have a trampoline, pool or something else that increases risk to guests.

Does Erie’s homeowners insurance cover fire?
Fire insurance is included with Erie as part of a standard policy.

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