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Someone covered by erie insurance hit and totaled my vehicle and erie is not responding in the way that they should. I was hit on february 25 by someone who had erie insurance, the driver was completely at fault, Erie chose to label the car a complete loss (total loss) they provided me with a rental and are demanding the rental back before i have even received the settlement payment, How is that possible? I was told that they are to be held responsible for my transportation until atleast a week after i received my settlement check. They have not even sent me a check and they are demanding the rental be returned 3/11/20 i don’t understand how i am expected to get to work, I also have a special needs child how will i get her to the doctors appointments? How is that an ethical business practice? Furthermore i see the paper work that they tried to base my settlement check on and they have inaccurate information they have my car listed with 195k miles and my car has 120k. the odometer was set to kilometer instead of miles and I’m completely at loss for words on this. this is not ethical and it might not even be legal.


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