Erie Home & Auto Insurance Review: Great Rates and Commendable Service

Erie Insurance is a great option for people who can get it, as the rates the company offers are among the best available, and its customer service is widely praised. The only drawbacks of Erie’s auto, renters and home insurance to consider are whether the company provides coverage in your area and the company’s relative lack of online tools.

Erie Insurance: Our Thoughts

Erie Insurance is one of the best-rated insurance companies operating in the U.S., and for good reason. Its rates are uniformly excellent; it offers highly praised customer service, and its coverage options match or exceed what are available from other insurers.

Erie sells insurance exclusively through its network of independent agents. This means that Erie customers will primarily interact with the company through their agents, including when purchasing insurance, making claims and managing their policies.

In our research, we found that Erie’s premiums were exceptional for both auto and home policies. It offered the cheapest rates for every driver and homeowner profile we tested, saving insurance buyers up to 40% off the average rates. Renters insurance policies are also affordable from Erie, though the company does not offer industry-leading rates.

One of the biggest perks to Erie’s auto insurance in particular is its “Rate Lock” offering. If you qualify and add Rate Lock to your policy, Erie will not raise your rates year over year unless you change the drivers or cars on your policy, or you move from your current address. Otherwise, your rate will stay the same indefinitely—even if you get in an accident or make a claim.

Among the only downsides to buying insurance through Erie is that its online tools are not as robust as some of its competitors. For example, there’s no way to get a homeowners insurance quote online—you must request one from an agent. While auto quotes are available over the internet, online customization options are limited, and you must work with an agent to actually purchase insurance.

Additionally, while Erie Insurance customers can pay bills and manage their accounts through Erie’s website, the only type of claim customers can file online is glass repair—all others must go through an agent or the Erie claims hotline. And unlike many competitors, the company does not offer a mobile app.

Finally, Erie only sells insurance in a limited area of 12 states in the mid-Atlantic and midwestern U.S, plus the District of Columbia. If you live outside of this area, you won’t be able to purchase insurance from Erie.

Auto Insurance Bottom Line

Erie’s fantastic auto insurance rates and customer support make it an excellent option for drivers shopping for car insurance. The only possible downsides for potential customers to consider are its relative lack of online options and its limited geographic availability.

Home & Renters Insurance Bottom Line

Erie homeowners insurance is priced competitively and has highly regarded customer service. It’s an especially good option for people already considering Erie auto insurance, as the company offers a discount for bundling the two.

Automobile Insurance Coverages and Benefits

Erie provides wide-ranging coverages and benefits to its customers. It offers all the most common car insurance coverages, including liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist and medical payments/personal injury protection. In addition, Erie provides several notable coverages that customers might not find elsewhere. Note that some of these coverages are bundled with other more common options, while others must be purchased separately.

  • Accident Forgiveness: Your rates won’t increase in your first at-fault accident after three years of safe driving with Erie. This feature is included with a standard policy.
  • Windshield Repair: If your windshield can be repaired instead of replaced, Erie will waive the deductible to fix it.
  • Personal Property: Erie will cover up to $350 of personal property that is inside an insured vehicle. This feature is included with a standard policy.
  • Pet Injury: Pays for up to $500 of expenses if your dog or cat is injured in a car accident. This coverage is included with a standard policy.
  • Gap Coverage: If your car is a total loss, gap coverage pays the difference between your vehicle’s replacement cost and what you have left on your lease or loan.
  • Roadside Assistance: Erie’s roadside assistance coverage pays for lockouts, towing and other help you might need while driving.
  • Rental Car/Transportation Expenses: This feature covers the cost of a rental car or other transportation expenses while your car is being repaired after an accident. It is included with comprehensive coverage.
  • New/Better Car Replacement: If your car is totaled in an accident, Erie will pay the difference for you to upgrade to a model up to two years newer.

Highlighted Benefit: Rate Lock

One of the most notable optional benefits Erie provides is its “Rate Lock” offering. If you have a safe driving history and add Rate Lock to your policy, Erie will only increase your auto insurance rates if you add or remove a car or driver from your policy, or change your address. Otherwise, your premiums will stay the same year after year, even if you get in an accident or make a claim to your insurance. However, if you get in an accident, your policy increase will catch up with you when you do update your policy.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Beyond its already-affordable rates, Erie Insurance offers several discounts to its customers to lower their costs even more, though the discounts offered are about consistent with its competitors.

Drivers can get discounts for:

  • Buying policies for multiple cars or bundling multiple policy types (such as auto and home)
  • Safe driving
  • Paying for a year’s insurance upfront
  • Using your car little or not at all
  • Owning a car with safety equipment, like airbags
  • Being a young driver who lives with their parents or is a good student

Auto Quote Comparison

To understand how Erie’s car insurance rates compare against other insurers, we collected quotes from four companies for a range of different driving profiles. We found that Erie’s insurance rates were remarkably cheaper than its competitors. Quotes we gathered from Erie Insurance were 24–42% cheaper than the average across all insurers, and Erie provided the cheapest monthly premiums for each of our four driver profiles.

20-Year-Old Male $231 $372 $355 $255 $303
20-Year-Old Female $231 $372 $355 $255 $303
Married Couple, Late 20s, 2 cars, 1 ticket $161 $329 $356 $259 $276
Married Couple, Late 60s, 2 cars $143 $317 $249 $238 $237

Even Erie Insurance’s closest competitor, GEICO, provided quotes that were $24–$98 more expensive each month. Drivers looking to minimize their costs should take a careful look at Erie, as it is a strong candidate for the lowest car insurance rates in areas where it is offered.

Homeowners Insurance Coverages and Benefits

Homeowners insurance from Erie provides all the typical coverages for your home. This includes coverage for your “dwelling,” or the structure of your home, your personal property inside it, liability protection in case someone is injured on your property, and additional living expenses if you’re unable to occupy your home.

Erie’s standard homeowner policy, which they call ErieSecure, offers a few additional benefits that you might not find at other insurers:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost coverage is included in a standard policy for no additional fee
  • Theft coverage includes coverage for mysterious disappearances/lost belongings
  • Pets are covered up to $500
  • Cash and precious metals covered up to $500

In addition, you can supplement your Erie homeowners policy with several custom options, including:

  • Natural disaster coverage
  • Jewelry and valuables coverage
  • Service line and sewer protection
  • Home business and rental income coverage
  • Identity theft protection

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Erie provides a few opportunities for homeowners to reduce their rates for insurance, though the discounts they offer are fairly typical for insurance companies. Customers can save money by buying multiple policies from Erie, as well as for equipping their homes with safety features like sprinklers or burglar alarms. Additionally, it provides a discount for getting an insurance quote more than seven days before your current policy expires.

Homeowners Quote Comparison

We collected homeowners insurance quotes at three different price points to see how Erie’s rates compared to other insurance companies. Our findings showed that Erie home insurance is consistently among the lowest available to homeowners, with rates 31–40% cheaper than the average quote we received from other insurers.

$125,000 Dwelling Coverage, Frame Structure, Contents Covered 50% with RCV, Built 1987 $418 $924 $853 $557 $688
$150,000 Dwelling Coverage, Brick Veneer Structure, Contents Covered 50% with RCV, Built 1997 $455 $931 $884 $518 $697
$250,000 Dwelling Coverage, Masonry Structure, Contents Covered 70% with RCV, Built 2007 $641 $1032 $1319 $712 $926

Renters Insurance Coverages and Benefits

Renters insurance from Erie is somewhat bare bones. The company offers the typical renters insurance coverages of personal property, liability and loss of use, but no other extras or add-ons like additional coverage for valuables. If you are looking to buy renters insurance and need certain add-ons, like extra protection for your pet, you may need to look elsewhere.

Nevertheless, these standard coverages tend to be sufficient for most people, and many renters insurance companies offer similar options. As such, the lack of extras shouldn’t immediately deter you from buying renters insurance from Erie, especially if it offers you the lowest price. The company also offers its customers a discount for bundling auto and renters insurance coverages, so you may save more money overall if you can take advantage of the discount.

Standard Renters Insurance Coverages Available from Erie

  • Liability Coverage: Protects you from financial liability if someone is injured on your property, such as a slip-and-fall accident.
  • Personal Property Coverage: Pays to repair or replace your personal property, like your furniture, clothing and any appliances owned by you (not your landlord) if they are damaged or stolen, regardless of where in the world the loss occurs.
  • Loss of Use: Covers additional living expenses, such as a short-term apartment rental or hotel room, if your apartment or house is uninhabitable because of a covered peril.

Erie Renters Insurance Quote Comparison

Erie’s renters insurance prices are competitive, though its rates are not industry leading. The company’s mean price for renters insurance of $140 per year made it 13% cheaper than the average rate we found among its competitors. Across our three-city survey, Erie’s renters insurance rates were beaten out by State Farm, an insurance company known for its strong customer service and affordable renters insurance.

Column chart showing how renters insurance prices compare between Erie and others

Renters insurance rates can vary significantly based on your apartment’s location, so we always recommend that renters get multiple quotes for renters insurance to find the best price.

Erie Insurance Availability

Erie Insurance’s biggest shortcoming is its limited coverage area. The company only sells insurance in 12 states, plus the District of Columbia. People who live outside of these places will have to look elsewhere for coverage.

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Washington, D.C.

Erie Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Erie Auto Insurance consistently receives outstanding reviews for its customer service. The company is widely commended in all aspects of its business, including during the shopping process and while making claims. Erie received first place and a 5/5 score in J.D. Power’s national auto insurance shopping study, and 4/5 for claims satisfaction. And it received substantially fewer customer complaints than you’d expect for a company of its size, as its NAIC complaint ratio rating is just 0.59.

Erie’s home insurance arm is equally well-rated. It received a 4/5 score and placed fourth nationwide in J.D. Power’s overall U.S. home insurance satisfaction study. Erie received positive marks in all aspects of its service, including policy offerings, price and the claims process.

Erie Insurance is also on excellent financial footing. It has the highest possible rating from A.M. Best (A+/Superior), indicating that the company has very strong ability to pay out customer claims; financial stability should not be a concern for potential Erie Insurance customers.


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