Elevated Wealth Group


To protect and build wealth for the families we serve. To increase financial literacy and provide solutions that can deliver more confidence for our clients and associates.


Every family needs to set clear financial goals. Our Financial Needs Analysis gives a detailed situation and a strategy to help you reach your objectives.


Our team consist of committed professionals who strive each day to enrich the lives of families from all walks of life to plan for a better future by educating them on sound financial principles.



“Opportunities don’t go to waste, they go to someone else.”

– Sidney E. Matos, CEO, Elevated Wealth Group



If you like the idea of starting a business in the financial industry, but worry about the high cost and high risk that could come with it, you will love the possibilities that Elevated Wealth Group offers. Everything from financial literacy education, technology, marketing, back-office support and training – to the wide range of products to serve clients – has been assembled to help you succeed and grow without limits.

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Literacy Score, Needs Analysis, Education, Courses, Ebooks, Engagement Tools

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