Dollar Bill Origami Folding Instructions

Dollar bill origami is an interesting variation on the more commonly seen origami paper or standard typing paper.  It’s useful as a conversation piece at a bar or restaurant. 


You can also leave your tips in the form of origami! 

This is a sure way to get waitpersons to remember you, and will probably make their day a bit more interesting.

For those not in the USA, the dimensions are height = 66mm (2.6 inch) and width = 156mm (6.1 inch).

So even if you do not have access to a USA one dollar bill, you can still fold these origami by using a piece of paper with those dimensions.

Or you can divide a square origami paper to the dollar bill proportions. We’ve created a separate page of instructions to show you this technique.



Here are some designs to get you started:
















































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