Discover “Bliss and Stress Relief” in Online Still Life Drawing Sessions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Anna Breininger and Kristin Cammermeyer will have “Be Still Life” drawing meetings by means of Zoom each Sunday.

Two years back, Anna Breininger and Kristin Cammermeyer started facilitating still life drawing meetings with different specialists. “In an atmosphere wherein we are immersed with data and over-planned, we thought it basic to make a space to decompress from our tensions,” Breininger and Cammermeyer told Hyperallergic over email.

What started as a social event in a craftsman studio before long extended to bigger settings, for example, the Other Places Art Fair, Spring/Break Art Show, different Los Angeles workmanship displays, and even an easygoing meeting at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park. The two craftsmen call these occasions Be Still Life Drawing Sessions.

Presently appears to be an extraordinary time to “stay composed” with a pencil and paper, to discover reason and comfort through drawing. During the COVID-19 pandemic and isolate period, Breininger and Cammermeyer will have their drawing meetings by means of Zoom each Sunday at 12pm (PDT). “The task is bringing individuals a ton of bliss and stress alleviation,” the specialists reflected subsequent to having just facilitated two meetings.

For the Zoom meeting, Cammermeyer sets up an enormous still life in her studio and spotlights in on various subtleties. In an in-person meeting, members would ordinarily assemble the still life cooperatively; since that is unimaginable, online members are likewise free to set up their own still lifes to give them increasingly decision. All things considered, Cammermeyer’s latest arrangement appears as though a great deal of fun, overflowing with shading and varied props like fired felines and dolphins. While the specialists for the most part prefer to consolidate blossoms into the still lifes, they’ve veered away from buying these and are rather “fusing living plants and nourishments that can be used post-meeting.” After the meeting, members are free to share the pictures of their drawings to be posted on Be Still Life’s Instagram.

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