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[ muhn-ee ]

/ ˈmʌn i /


noun, plural mon·eys, mon·ies.

any circulating medium of exchange, including coins, paper money, and demand deposits.

paper money.

gold, silver, or other metal in pieces of convenient form stamped by public authority and issued as a medium of exchange and measure of value.

any article or substance used as a medium of exchange, measure of wealth, or means of payment, as checks on demand deposit or cowrie.

a particular form or denomination of currency.

money of account.

capital to be borrowed, loaned, or invested: mortgage money.

an amount or sum of money: Did you bring some money?

wealth considered in terms of money: She was brought up with money.

moneys. Also monies. Chiefly Law. pecuniary sums.

property considered with reference to its pecuniary value.

pecuniary profit: not for love or money.


of or relating to money.

used for carrying, keeping, or handling money: Have you seen my little money purse?

of or relating to capital or finance: the money business.



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Idioms for money

    for one’s money, Informal. with respect to one’s opinion, choice, or wish: For my money, there’s nothing to be gained by waiting.

    in the money, Informal.

    1. having a great deal of money; affluent: You can see he’s in the money by all those clothes he buys.
    2. first, second, or third place in a contest, especially a horse or dog race.

    make money, to make a profit or become rich: You’ll never make money as a poet.

    on the money, Informal.

    1. at just the exact spot or time; on target: The space shuttle landed on the money at 9:55 a.m.
    2. exhibiting or done with great accuracy or expertise: His weather forecasts are always on the money.

    Also right on the money.

    put one’s money where one’s mouth is, Informal. to prove the truth of one’s words by actions or other evidence; demonstrate one’s sincerity or integrity: Instead of bragging about your beautiful house, put your money where your mouth is and invite us over to see it.

Origin of money

1250–1300; Middle English moneie < Middle French < Latin monēta mint2, money


3 coin, cash, currency, specie, change.

11 funds, capital, assets, wealth, riches.



mon·ey·less, adjectivenon·mon·ey, adjective

Words nearby money

monetary, monetary aggregate, monetary policy, monetary unit, monetize, money, money belt, money box, money burning a hole in one’s pocket, money burns a hole in one’s pocket, money changing Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

Words related to money

salary, wage, wealth, pay, bill, cash, payment, fund, capital, property, check, wad, gold, dough, treasure, finances, resources, gravy, funds, bankroll

Example sentences from the Web for money

  • I suspect [Teresa] will get money sent in to her, so she can shop at the commissary.

    How a ‘Real Housewife’ Survives Prison: ‘I Don’t See [Teresa Giudice] Having a Cakewalk Here’|Michael Howard|January 6, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • If nobody on the outside will send Teresa money, should she learn a prison hustle?

    How a ‘Real Housewife’ Survives Prison: ‘I Don’t See [Teresa Giudice] Having a Cakewalk Here’|Michael Howard|January 6, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • She vowed to repay the money—no official word, however, on whether she ever did that.

    Fergie Dives Into Prince Andrew’s Sex Scandal|Tom Sykes|January 5, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • But locals there say any money deposited is thrown into an unlocked cupboard behind the tellers, hardly inspiring confidence.

    ISIS’s Futile Quest to Go Legit|Jamie Dettmer|January 5, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • If Huckabee runs, the hurdles he faced the last time out, namely geography and money, would still be there.

    Can Huckabee Convert the GOP’s Moneymen?|Lloyd Green|January 4, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • A committee was also appointed to bring in an estimate of money necessary to be raised.

    The Colonization of North America|Herbert Eugene Bolton

  • I think you will never get any more of your money back at all.’

    The Orange Girl|Walter Besant

  • Sometimes the victim and the victimizer meet, the money demanded is paid over, and there the matter ends.

    Danger! A True History of a Great City’s Wiles and Temptations|William Howe

  • He had supposed that a rich man’s son, because he was a rich man’s son, always had all the money he wanted.

    ‘As Gold in the Furnace’|John E. Copus

  • (Kirkwood set his mouth savagely) Calendar should have a run for his money!

    The Black Bag|Louis Joseph Vance

British Dictionary definitions for money


/ (ˈmʌnɪ) /


a medium of exchange that functions as legal tender

the official currency, in the form of banknotes, coins, etc, issued by a government or other authority

a particular denomination or form of currencysilver money

property or assets with reference to their realizable value

plural moneys or monies formal a pecuniary sum or income

an unspecified amount of paper currency or coinsmoney to lend

for one’s money in one’s opinion

in the money informal well-off; rich

money for old rope informal profit obtained by little or no effort

money to burn more money than one needs

one’s money’s worth full value for the money one has paid for something

put money into to invest money in

put money on to place a bet on

put one’s money where one’s mouth is See mouth (def. 19)


best, most valuable, or most eagerly anticipatedthe money shot; the money note

Other words from money

Related adjective: pecuniary

Word Origin for money

C13: from Old French moneie, from Latin monēta coinage; see mint ²

Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Idioms and Phrases with money


In addition to the idioms beginning with money

  • money burns a hole in one’s pocket
  • money is no object
  • money talks
  • money to burn

also see:

  • coin money
  • color of one’s money
  • easy money
  • even money
  • fool and his money are soon parted
  • for one’s money
  • funny money
  • get one’s money’s worth
  • hush money
  • in the money
  • made of money
  • not for love or money
  • on the money
  • pay your money and take your choice
  • pin money
  • pocket money
  • put money on
  • put one’s money where one’s mouth is
  • rolling in it (money)
  • run for one’s money
  • throw good money after bad
  • time is money

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