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With decoration and home accessories like candles, wall art, plants, clocks, mirrors and more, your house says who you are and what you love. Browse our wide selection of home décor products to find the statements you want to make. Whatever home décor you choose, let your personality lead the way – because that’s how the place you live in becomes the place you call home.

Rule over your own art gallery

Turn any wall in your home into your very own exhibition. Find all the pictures decorations and frames you need. Your home, your wall, your gallery.

ÄDELHET Candlestick/tealight hldr, set of 4 $5.99

Get some glass and play with light and color

Add shimmering tones to your home with glass vases, bowls and even glass candlesticks. Glass amplifies the light from the candles, and frames the shades of whatever you choose to put in the bowls and vases.


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