Covet Fashion Hack and Cheats [Unlimited Cash and Diamonds]

Covet Fashion Hack and Cheats [Unlimited Cash and Diamonds]

Published by admin on July 11, 2015

After day and days of hard work, we are proud to present to you a brand new Covet Fashion Hack! This is the best version ever! You won’t even have to download it – you can use it as online hack! It works for all iOS and Android devices and the best thing about our Covet Fashion Hack is that it’s extremly easy to use and you surely won’t have any problems with it! Check it out now and become the best player of this game in the world!

Game info:

The thing of the Covet Fashion game should be to enter events which require you to create looks to get a specific occasion. If your look is well thought of by the local community you win a sheet of fashion to enhance your virtual closet. Access to events is limited by either the worth of your storage room or the necessity to train on a certain brand inside your look. Some brand-sponsored events include a real prize with the top-rated look, as judged through the community and the Covet Fashion workforce.

The app works by using illustrated models in addition to replicates real-life clothing with the them to wear. The effect is reminiscent of the erstwhile Looklet. com, that is now Looklet. biz an enterprise solution simply. When you enter a celebration you are exhibited a model waiting to become dressed and ones virtual closet. What’s cool concerning this stage is which the game randomizes the skin and hair which the model starts using, which I consider promotes more diversity than there would otherwise be in the game.

In the event the event has garment requirements what I truly do is to start by filtering my closet for all items to see if i already “own” something that fits the invoice. If I’m content with what I current have, I start attire the model in addition to fill in the rest of the outfit with items within my closet. If I don’t possess the required items, or I’m not satisfied with what I’ve bought I hit the Shop button. If I’ve bought the e-cash I’m able to buy something new within the virtual shop, i always is filterable, just like my closet – by means of brand, type involving garment, color, material and other attributes. While shopping I test items to observe how they’ll look using my ensemble; I’m also able to browse how some other community members purchase the item. Once my clothing and accessories have been in place, I put the finishing touches on by making adjustments to skin tone, hair style & color, and makeup model. Click the earlier mentioned collage or here to see the process throughout greater detail.

I’ve found of which my event wins are usually those in which the outfit I create is rather straightforward. On another hand, if I craft something a bit less conventional (as My partner and i often do when you will discover no specific garment requirements), I’m quite a bit less successful with the Covet community. You win some, anyone lose some!

Covet Fashion Hack info:



  • Unlimited Cash (Get unlimited Cash with a few clicks of a mouse
  • Unlimited Diamonds (If you need unlimited Diamonds, then this is the right place for you)
  • Working with all iOs and Android devices
  • No Rooting or Jailbreak required
  • Proxy Support (No one will know that you are using cheats because of our proxies)


Detailed instructions for hacking Covet Fasion:

  1. Clock “Online Hack” button and open Covet Fashion Hack
  2. You need to exit the game on your device while you are using our generator
  3. Once Covet Fashion Hack is opened, first of all you have to enter your username. This step is easy and you shouldn’t have any problems with it. Make sure you enter your name correctly. When you are done, then you must click Connect button. It won’t take long and you should see success message really soon.
  4. Now you will have to enter desired amount of items that you would like to generate. So, with this tool, you will be able to add unlimited Gems, Beli and Stamina. There is no limit in generating items, so you can get as many resources as you want!
  5. After you have entered amount of Cash and Diamonds that you want to generate, you need to press Generate button. When you do that, you will have your items generated in a few seconds! Now resources are ready to be added to your game account.
  6. This is the last step. Now you will get your unique activation key. It will enable resorces transfer to your device and by using activation key, no one will know that you were using hacks while generating resources for your game. You simply have to download it, input it into box and click Activate
  7. Activation process won’t take long since your already have your game connected and desired items are generated. It will usually take 5-6 seconds, sometimes a little more than that. When it’s done, you will see pop up message that everything has went well and that your items are added to your game account.
  8. All you have to do now is to open Covet Fashion on your device. When you open it, you will see generated resources added to your game account! Just open your game and you will see that everything went well!
  9. Have fun with ours Covet Fashion Hack!



Guides and Tricks for Covet Fashion

  • Wear “extra” clothes underneath to have bonus points. You may get up to. 40 stars for existing season items +. 40 stars for unworn things. So stack in extra items – as an example wear swimmers below a dress, or maybe leggings under jeans, or socks under a good gown!
  • Enter as much time based events that you can. Even if you don’t win, most time based events compensate $100-$500 as early as you enter.
  • Begin doing Jetset functions. You’ll need to scroll down to the bottom from the page to start to see the first three.
  • Every period you complete a couple of 3 (with a good score) you will probably earn 500 gemstones.
  • Go back again and do Jetset events often to get the highest scores. They all add up to your total.
  • Try to Win. Every time you obtain over 4 stars within a limited time affair, you will win a brand new item. These items all increase your closet benefit.
  • Don’t buy if you do not need it. Since you get into higher-level events, the requirements get harder. As an example, you may possibly be asked to don boots, a red shirt the other green item. Save your money to help you to buy things you will need.
  • “Like” favorite items and favorite outfits to help you to refer back for many years later. They can get saved into your own closet. This is a good way of knowing how fashion items anyone.




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