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Information about coronavirus and health insurance for consumers, insurers and medical providers. 

Frequently asked questions about coronavirus and health insurance

Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding health insurance and the coronavirus pandemic.

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Frequently asked questions about coronavirus and health insurance in other languages

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Employer-sponsored health insurance

Many employers have contacted our office about how to maintain their employees’ health coverage during the coronavirus pandemic. We have let all health insurers know they have flexibility in defining who is eligible for coverage under the employer-sponsored health plan. If an employer would like to try to keep their employees covered or have other questions about their health insurance, they should reach out directly to their health insurer or insurance broker. 

Unemployment benefits are not regulated by our office. If you have questions about unemployment benefits, please contact the Employment Security Department (

Kreidler encourages health insurers to work with employers who want to maintain employee coverage

Emergency orders and announcements

Commissioner Kreidler has the authority under state law to give direction to health insurers on coverage issues once an emergency has been declared by the governor. 


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