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Coolsculpting offers significant advantages over SculpSure:

  • Larger area treated
  • Treats more areas of the body
  • Reduces more fat
  • Millions of treatments performed
  • Clinical data

 THE NOVASCULPTING DIFFERENCE: Radová Lifestyle (now NovaSculpting) is totally dedicated to Coolsculpting because we’ve found it offers the best results with the least downtime.

Coolsculpting SculpSure
Larger treatment area up to 255cm2 Smaller treatment area up to 96cm2
Treats more areas of the body. FDA cleared for: Abdomen, Flanks, Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs, Chin, Back, and Under Buttocks. Treats fewer areas of the body. FDA cleared only for Abs and Flanks.
Reduces more fat at an average of 20% per treatment. Reduces less fat at an average of 11.5% per treatment.
Longer history and more development: 15 years of research & development, 65 published scientific studies, long-term efficacy, and over 3.5 million treatments performed worldwide. Limited clinical data with no long-term results.


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