Content Writing Productivity: 11 Bright Hacks to Get Organized

Ever struggle to keep up with your content writing deadlines?

Maybe freelancing is your full-time gig, or maybe it’s your side hustle. Maybe you have a day job, kids, or both.

If you’re feeling like your hectic schedule is casting a shadow over your freelance writing career that’s making it hard to move up and earn more, shine a light on how you’re using your time.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, parent who home-schools kids, freelancer with a day job and dream to go full-time, or you’re already living the freelance life, your greatest asset is time.

How you use your time can make the difference between landing a couple of freelance writing gigs and being fully booked. Which would you prefer?

In this post you’ll get tips, strategies, resources, and motivation from freelancers who are hustling every day, every hour, every minute to improve time management and get more work done.

Check out these 11 hacks for freelance writers to get organized and boost productivity:

Is freelance writing your stay-at-home way of making money while you take care of kids? It can be exhausting. These freelance moms show you how to balance career and family, and keep everybody happy…including you.

Stop time so you can catch up on your freelance writing work. If you can figure out how to do that, you’re a genius. Until then, boost productivity and create more time in your schedule with these tech tools.

Let’s say you’ve got piles of client work to complete. But all you can think about is binge-watching your favorite show for hours. Do you grit your teeth, buckle down, and keep writing? Or do you indulge your lazy side and hit the “play” button? Here’s a content writing productivity tip that might surprise you.

You don’t just write 1,000 blog posts about the business and craft of freelance writing by accident. It doesn’t just magically happen, especially when you’re raising a family, writing for clients, and running a business. Here’s what Carol Tice learned about time management from her first 1,000 blog posts for Make a Living Writing to help you be a better writer.

Who says Legos are just for kids? Freelance writer Ed Gandia explains how to boost productivity for freelance writers, clear your mind, and make more money writing brick by brick.

Work from home as a freelance writer. Take care of 8 kids. Home school all of them. That’s Lisa Tanner’s life. And she’s figured out a way to make it all work. Here’s how she does it:

Is there a way to speed up freelance writing success? More hustle and longer hours are the most common paths to get there. But if you take a little time to streamline your efforts with these apps for writers, you may speed things up without working your fingers to the bone.

When freelance writer and coach Linda Formichelli asked her network what a day in the life of a freelance writer looks like, there was an obvious disconnect. If you want to be a successful freelancer, prepare yourself for some truth bombs about time management.

Got a day job, freelance side hustle, and kids? It’s a recipe for always running short on time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Freelancer Nicole Gironda shares her tips on how to make it all work, even if can only carve out 15 minutes of writing time.

You commit to a big marketing push and send out some great pitches and letters of introduction. Contracts start to trickle in, and you’re busy writing for clients. Does that mean you hang up your marketing hat and forget about it? Don’t do that. If you want to stay fully-booked, keep marketing. Here’s how, even if you’re busy:

Think you’re too busy to find time for freelance writing? You’ve got a day job. Kids to take care of. Other responsibilities. But if freelance writing is your dream, you’ll keep coming back to the idea. Freelance writers Carol Tice and Bryan Cohen show you how to kick start freelance writing as a side hustle and grow from there.

Use it or lose it: Time is your most valuable freelance asset

Need more time to get stuff done? Take a hard look at your schedule and where every hour is going. Then carve out a plan to write, market, move up, and earn more. That’s how you make a living writing.

How do you get more content writing done? Let’s discuss in the comments.


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