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What’s covered? 

From theft to write-offs and even lost keys, you’ll be covered with us. Here’s what you’ll like about our comprehensive cover 

My husband had to make a claim on his LV car insurance and the process with LV was smooth and efficient and friendly, which is so re-assuring at a stressful time.


  • Accidental damage cover
    Scratched or dented your car? We pay for repairs so it’s as good as it was before the accident 
  • Uninsured driver promise
    If the other driver is not insured and the accident’s not your fault, you keep your no claim discount and there’s no excess to pay – as long as you have the details of the other vehicle and driver
  • Misfuelling cover
    Accidentally filled your car with the wrong fuel? It happens. We pay to drain and flush your fuel tank, as well as cover the damage to the car’s engine
  • European cover
    Get the same level of cover as you have in the UK in the EU for up to 180 days a year. Perfecto! Need a Green Card? To apply, fill in this application
  • Vandalism promise
    If your car is vandalised and you have to claim, you’ll keep your no claim discount – you’ll just need to pay your excess
  • Replacement child car seats
    We’ll replace your child car seats if your car has been in an accident – even if there’s no apparent damage
  • New locks and keys 
    If your keys are lost or stolen. After all, accidents happen


What’s not covered…

  • Any drivers who aren’t named on the policy
  • Damage to a car you’re driving that’s not the car you’re insuring 
  • If the car’s stolen when the keys were left in the ignition, the engine was running or it was left unlocked
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown


Read our most common examples of what’s not covered in our claims considerations guide

My husband had to make a claim on his LV car insurance and the process with LV was smooth and efficient and friendly, which is so re-assuring at a stressful time.


More about LV= car insurance

Check out our range of optional extras


Motor legal expenses

£25.99 per year

For £25.99 per year, motor legal expenses cover protects you from the potential costs of legal action if you’re involved in a car accident.

You might need legal help to take action against a road user – or defending against a motoring prosecution. This can be expensive so we’ll cover you for up to £100,000 in legal expenses.

You can use motor legal expenses cover to help you recover any uninsured losses, like personal injury compensation, loss of earnings or hire car costs while your vehicle is being fixed. Find out more.


Guaranteed hire car if yours is off the road

From £19.90 per year

Our guaranteed hire car cover promises you use of a hire car if your own car is being repaired by our recommended repairer service, or has been stolen or written off.

For £19.90 per year, you’re guaranteed a small hatchback hire car.

For £29.90 per year, you’re guaranteed a similar sized hire car to your own. This could be a car with up to seven seats and have a maximum engine size of 2 litres. Find out more.


Increased personal accident cover

£100,000 personal accident cover

You have £10,000 of personal accident cover with our comprehensive car insurance which will protect you, your partner or a named driver on the policy if you or they suffer a serious injury while travelling in, or getting into or out of your car.

For just £19.90 per year, you can increase your personal accident cover to £100,000. Find out more.


Breakdown cover

From £26 per year

You can add breakdown cover to your car insurance from just £26 per year for each car.

LV= Britannia Rescue gives you access to over 3,000 breakdown professionals across the UK who will help to keep you moving. There are five levels of cover to choose from Roadside Assist to UK and European Assist. Find out more.


Protected no claim discount

You earn a year of no claim discount (or no claim bonus) for every year you don’t claim on your car insurance. The more years of NCD you’ve built up, the bigger the discount on your car insurance when you renew.  With LV= you can earn up to a maximum of 9 years NCD. 

If you have to make a claim on your policy, and we can’t recover our costs from the person or people who are at fault, your NCD may be reduced.

If you’ve earned four or more years NCD, you can add this optional extra to protect your NCD for the life of your LV= policy. Find out more.

Our car insurance FAQs

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? No worries, you can read all our FAQs here.

Our policy documents

You can get these and other documents from us in Braille, large print or audio by dropping us a line.

Multi car insurance

Got a second set of wheels? Or maybe more? Our multi car insurance could be just the ticket

  • Cover up to 6 cars and 12 drivers
  • Schedule different start dates, or add them in later when you need to
  • Choose the cover levels and specific optional extras you’d like for each car

Cover levels

What are the different car insurance cover levels?

There are three main levels of car insurance cover, summarised as follows:

Third party only 

This is the minimum cover level required by law. So, if you’re involved in an accident that was your fault, we’ll pay out for any damage or injury you cause to other people and their property. But it doesn’t include cover for damage to your car. 

Third party cover is only available for our existing customers.

Third party, fire and theft

In addition to the cover provided by a third party only policy, this cover level protects your car from damage caused by fire,theft and attempted theft and claims from a third party if you’re involved in an incident.


Comprehensive is the highest level of car insurance cover. It includes third party, fire and theft, and also covers the cost of repair or replacement of your car if it’s involved in an accident or damaged on purpose. It includes additional cover benefits, such as windscreen damage, driving in Europe, and if you choose the option, a hire car to replace yours if it’s off the road due to being involved in an accident or damaged. 

Like to learn a little more? Head over to our complete guide to comprehensive car insurance.

What factors can affect the price I pay?

Many factors can affect the price you pay for your car insurance. Remember, sometimes the cheapest car insurance may not offer the most comprehensive cover. Here’s what we take into account:

  • Your age and how much experience you have behind the wheel. Because the more experienced you are as a driver, the less likely you are to claim.
  • The car you’re looking to insure. Usually, more powerful, expensive or exotic cars will cost more to cover.
  • Where you live. Areas with typically higher claims and crime rates will have a bearing on the cost of your car insurance.
  • When and how far you drive your car. Because the more you drive, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident.
  • Whether or not you’ve built up a no claim discount (NCD). The more NCD you have, the better your price is likely to be.
  • Changes in legislation or regulations. Some legislation means insurers now have to pay out bigger lump sums for personal injury claims.
  • The rising costs of parts and labour. This has a knock-on effect on the price of your insurance premium.
  • The rising cost of claims. More sophisticated cars are usually more expensive to repair.


Do you know about car insurance groups?

There are 50 car insurance groups with a ranking system to help insurers work out premiums. The less likely a car is to be damaged and the lower the cost of repair, the lower the insurance group it will be in, whilst fast accelerating, high performance cars are usually in the higher insurance groups. It’s not that simple though, so check out our article on car insurance groups and how we use them.

To find out more about these factors, read our guide to how we work out the cost of car insurance or watch our video.

What info do I need to get a car insurance quote?

For a quicker quote, make sure you’ve got all of this to hand:

  1. Driver details – personal details like your date of birth address and occupation for you and any named drivers. Your driving licence information, such as licence number, type and details of any endorsements you have.
  2. Claims history – details of any claims or accidents, including dates for you and any names drivers and the number of no claim discount (NCD) years you have.
  3. Car details – information about your car such as the engine size, estimated mileage and where it’s kept overnight.
  4. Eligibility – to make sure we can insure you, we’ll need to know if you are a UK resident and legally entitled to drive.

At LV=, we want to help you to find the right car insurance at the best price. Just because you may find it cheaper elsewhere, it may not necessarily provide you with everything you need. 

For a complete list of what’s needed and why, visit our guide to what you need to get a quote.

Classic car insurance

Own a classic car? You lucky thing. You get all this with our classic car insurance…

  • Agreed value upfront; we’ll pay what we’ve agreed your car’s worth if it’s written off.
  • £300 cover for loss or damage to belongings in your car, like clothes, your bag or mobile phone.
  • Uninsured driver promise. If the other driver’s not insured and the accident’s not your fault, there’s no excess to pay as long as you have the details of the other vehicle and driver.
  • To save time, you can now add up to 6 classic cars on one policy


Find out more

  • Which? Recommended Provider for car insurance 

  • Given the prestigious Defaqto 5 Star Rating 

  • Proud to be the UK’s most recommended insurer

Now sit back, relax and start your quote

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