Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks

Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks Gotta Know 

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Cooking on camping trips is part of the outdoor experience! Whether you are cooking over campfires, using Dutch ovens, camp stoves, foil packets or grills …  we have Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks plus recipes to make your camp cooking delicious, easy and fun! Psst we’re compensated…see our disclosures.

Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks

Dutch Ovens

Dutch Oven Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: To reduce or possibly eliminate the need for cleaning, you can use disposable (parchment paper or aluminum foil) Dutch oven liners. The foil liners come in different sizes so be sure to get the right size for your oven.

Get our Camp Dutch Oven Coffee Cake recipe here!


Lodge Durable Pan Scrapers

Disposable Dutch Oven Liners

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Tote Bag


Dutch Oven Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: Foil Cupcake Liners hold their shape better than paper ones but they still form odd shapes as they bake things like muffins, cupcakes and individual desserts. If you want your muffins to be uniform in shape, you need to use a Cast Iron Muffin Pan instead of cupcake liners.

Get our Blueberry Lemon Dutch Oven Muffins recipe here!

Verify the size of Dutch oven required to fit the muffin pan. For example, a muffin pan measuring 12 ¾ inches wide will require a 14-inch Dutch oven (NOT a 12-inch Dutch oven.)

Cast Iron Muffin Pan


Dutch Oven Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: To keep rounded items, like avocados, upright during cooking, slice off a small portion of the bottom to create a steady surface. Then rotate the lid to evenly distribute heat during the cooking process.

Get our Dutch Oven Eggs Baked In Avocados Recipe here!

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven – 12 Inch / 8 Quart

Dutch Oven Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: If fire restrictions prevent cooking with campfires, use your Dutch oven on a propane camp stove.

Get our Campfire White Chili Recipe here!

Dutch Oven Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: Use Foil Cupcake Liners when making elegant desserts in one Dutch oven … they stay in place as you pour the batter in each cup plus they hold their shape as individual cakes as the batter bakes.

Get our Chocolate Lava Dutch Oven Cakes Recipe here!

Foil Cupcake Liners


Dutch Oven Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: Use a regular (not deep) camp Dutch oven when baking and rotate the lid and the oven throughout the baking time to get a nice golden brown top and bottom on your baked goods!

Get our Campfire Dutch Oven Jalapeño Cornbread Camping Recipe here!

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

Camp Chef Heat Resistant Gloves

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Lid Stand


Dutch Oven Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: Use a Dutch Oven Temperature Chart to determine the number of charcoal briquettes required for precise temperature control in your Dutch oven.

Get our Berry Cobbler Dessert Camp Recipe here!

Flexible Cutting Mat

Flexible Cutting Mat Set


See all of our Dutch Oven Camp Cooking Tips here!

Get our Bacon and Cheese Quiche Dutch Oven Camp Recipe here!

Camp Stove

Camp Stove Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: Use a Canning Jar Ring Band to form the perfect size and shape when frying an egg to fit the English muffin for these Camping Breakfast Sandwiches. Spray a non-stick skillet and the band with cooking spray and you have a cool camping hack to make the perfect egg!

Get our Camping Breakfast Sandwiches recipe here!

Canning Jar Ring Band

Camp Stove Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: Use Versatile Camp Cooking Utensils. Cast iron skillets can be used conveniently on table tops with portable camp stoves. They are also rugged enough to handle the heat of cooking directly over campfires.

Get our Pastrami Reuben Sandwich Recipe here!

Lodge SCRAPERPK Durable Polycarbonate Pan Scrapers

Lodge L8SK3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet, 10.25-inch

Lodge ASHH41 Silicone Hot Handle Holder


Camp Stove Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: When cooking during fire restrictions, use propane fuel sources with the ability to instantly turn off the flame.

See our post: How To Camp When Camping Fire Restrictions Are Activated here!

Coleman Eventemp 3 Burner Stove

Coleman Stove Carry Case

Disposable Bottle Refill Adapter



Grilling Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: Use a rapidfire chimney starter to light your charcoal quickly, efficiently and safely without lighter fluid. 

Get our Grilled Flatbread With Prosciutto, Charred Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella And Basil Recipe here!

Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Grill Brush

BBQ Grill Tools Set


Grilling Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: Lightly oil the grill grate to keep your food from sticking.

Get our Grilled Halibut Fillet Recipe here!

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill

Coleman Camp Propane Grill/Stove

Coleman NXT Lite Table Top Propane Grill


Grilling Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: Char veggies by tossing in olive oil, salt and pepper … and use a grilling basket to keep them from falling through grill grates.

Get our Easy Chicken Alfredo Pizza Recipe here!

Mr. Bar-B-Q 06750X Non Stick Grilling Skillet with Removable Handle

GrillPro 24876 Deluxe Non Stick Broiler Basket with Detachable Handle

Mr. Bar-B-Q, Inc. 06075X 2-Pack Kit, Single Kabob Baskets


Foil Packets

Foil Packets Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: Tightly fold food in foil packets to properly seal them for campfire cooking. 

Foil Packets Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks: Watch this video to see how to fold the perfect foil packet for Hobo Stew.

Camping Cooking Tips

Camp Cooking Tips: Use A Roux To Thicken Soups Stews And Campfire Meals Like This Gumbo.

Get our Campfire Dutch Oven Gumbo Recipe here!

Camping Cooking Tips: Mix and measure your dry ingredients at home so you only carry what you need to the campsite and you’ll avoid the chore of transporting unused food back home.

Get our Lasagna In A Dutch Oven Camp Recipe here!

Popit Little Big Box Food Container Set

Pruta Food Container Set

Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Set


Camping Cooking Tips: Keep your camp cooking work area simple and organized by preparing your camp cooking utensils before you begin cooking.

No time to look for recipes, create a menu and write a grocery list? No Problem! Get our 3-Day Dutch Oven Camp Menu Plan here!

See our entire Camping Recipes List here!

If you need camping recipes and menu ideas, you can find them here at the Camping For Foodies Camping Recipes list.

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