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traditional financial advice has not helped you.

Wall Street has made investing confusing. They’ve cluttered your finances. And they’ve done this while racking up a larger tax bill for you.

Not only this, Wall Street has actually lobbied Washington for years so they can continue in this way! Have you wondered why you have the particular funds or stocks you have? Do you have a strategy around your employer stock? How about your estate plan? Does your family need more insurance but worry that an insurance salesman is going to sell you what’s best for him and not you? Have you estimated what you’re going to pay in taxes over the next decade…and created a plan to dramatically lower that number?

And why haven’t all of these issues been organized to work in-sync together?
Brownlee Wealth Management exists to change this.

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A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I wasn’t expecting it at all. My wife had just given birth to our third child two weeks prior. When I got the pathology report, I immediately sent it to the smartest doctor I know, a pancreatic surgeon at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. I was asking for his advice on which specialist I should see. I had been referred to an oncologist and had heard good things, but I wanted his opinion. I will never forget what he told me.

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Brownlee Wealth Management exists to bring clarity to your financial life. When you simplify your investments and lower your taxes, your family’s wealth grows. We aim to be the single best option available for the small number of families we serve. Read more about what we’re building here.

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What exactly does a Financial Planner do?

At its core, a planner aims to give clarity and answers in the following areas: substantially lowering your long-term tax bill, maximizing your investments, shoring up your estate plan & insurance needs, and your retirement plan. Read more below.

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Who does a Financial Planner Work for?

Wall Street has done the opposite of what’s helpful. They’ve made investing confusing, they’ve cluttered your finances, and they certainly haven’t lowered your tax bill. How do you know if your Financial Planner is structured to serve Wall Street or you?

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Who do we work with?

Your financial life is unlike anyone else’s. Your unique combination of company stock, pensions, 401k’s, and other benefits creates a particular set and opportunities. Read more about the types of people we serve here.

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— Naval Ravikant