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Gloria of Georgetown, SC Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Sept. 30, 2019

In over 45 years with USAA, I’ve had 3- 4 fender benders, bought a car through them, transferred car insurance on a Saturday on a car that I paid cash for, obtained a mortgage from them, obtained flood insurance in the low country, and rely on a visa from them the most because they do not penalize you if you miss a month, without ANY problems. Plus they have always been extremely nice. While I’ve been a member, I have lived in SC, AL, NY, NJ, VA, NC, and DC with no issues. They have earned my trust, unlike so many corporations that suffer from American ‘greed’ not ethics. I don’t usually write reviews, but after reading all of those negative reviews I felt compelled to rebut them.

25 peoplefound this review helpfulJ of Aptos, CA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Sept. 27, 2019

I’ve been with USAA for decades. I’ve tried several of their products and here’s the bottom line:

1. Solid provider of auto and home insurance.

2. Mixed bag on financial services–none which I use anymore.

I used USAA bank for a while, but their savings interest rates weren’t reliably competitive. I had some mutual funds with their investment services, but switched to Fidelity when they offloaded services to a third party provider that clearly didn’t staff for the switch-over. I would have switched anyway–Fidelity and Vanguard are the way to go. So I’m keeping three insurance policies with them, but saving and investing elsewhere.

Read full review2 peoplefound this review helpfulWe value your privacy. Unsubscribe easily.profile pic of the authorAmy Jo of New Kensington, PA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Sept. 13, 2019

I have had USAA for 10 years and never had any problems. Customer service is great and ready to help. I have my auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance with them. I know people think that only immediately family like spouse and children can be added, but I had my sister on my insurance when we were living together. When I needed to make a claim, it was so quick and easy that I don’t even remember dealing with it at all. I would bank with USAA if there were local opportunities. They were the first place I checked when I wanted a home loan too. Unfortunately, my credit or something wasn’t great enough to be qualified and we had to go elsewhere. But I absolutely love USAA.

I am dealing with an issue from about 5 years ago and I was able to log into the USAA website and chat with a member who almost instantly was able to get the old policy documents I needed for proof. I saw that it says USAA is for active and retired military, but that is not the full extent. Veterans are also welcome, you don’t need to put in the full 20 years or be active to qualify so long as you have your DD214 (you may need to be honorably discharged though, not sure).

Whenever I contact them, they always inquire about changes in the family or status. They strive to be up-to-date. They add the children on the account, which is great for their own USAA coverage. USAA isn’t just an insurance company, they care about your family and needs. I am so happy to have USAA, I checked around for other insurance several years ago when I added my sister on and found that insurance rates were much higher. I would recommend USAA to all active military, retired, veterans, and dependents.

Read full review8 peoplefound this review helpfulLeslie of Merritt Island, Florida Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Aug. 27, 2019

I’ve been a USAA customer for three years now and have made two claims. One was for an accident that I had with another vehicle. She was making a left going north and I, on the other side of the road, was making a left going south and we met in the middle. She had GEICO insurance. This was my first accident that caused $2000+ in damages. I received letters and phone calls from her insurance company that stated I was at fault and I would be responsible for her damage and injuries.

I contacted USAA and expressed my concern for this since my insurance company and the state accident investigator told me they thought she was at fault, though no citation was issued to either party. USAA assured me that this is normal and I should just let the insurance companies hash it out, which they did. While my vehicle was at the dealer getting accident repairs a customer from their parts department backed into my vehicle and did extensive damage to the undamaged side of my vehicle. All told, my vehicle was out of commission for two months, just two weeks after I purchased it. It spent more time on the dealer body shop floor than it had in my driveway. USAA was on top of all of this and they kept tabs on the progress of my repairs and kept me informed. Now that’s one heck of an insurance company!

Read full review19 peoplefound this review helpfulprofile pic of the authorMark of Oakdale, CT Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Aug. 19, 2019

My wife got hit by a vehicle which ended up totaling her Honda Ridgeline. From the initial calls, to getting the rental, to getting a fair reimbursement from USAA, the whole process went extremely smoothly. We didn’t have to speak to agents many times over the phone, since the website gives a clear overview of where things stand in the claims process. That being said, the times we did have to speak to a representative, I got clear answers and friendly treatment each time. I was expecting a lot worse and was pleasantly surprised. I got the honest feeling that each person wanted to help us get our situation resolved for us and cared about the outcome. This all coming after a significantly lower premium after switching from Liberty Mutual, who we had been a customer for over 10 years.

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profile pic of the authorJoshua of Redding, CA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 27, 2020

I used USAA in 2012 and I was late a couple times as I simply forgot about the bill. My fault, mistake, no big deal. After being late, I think 3x, they said I had to pay my bill in full, and not monthly increments. Cool, whatever, stupid idea that no one else ever did if I was late, but whatever, my own fault and beside the point. I tried to get them a year or two later just because I was looking around and they were the cheapest. No go, I had to pay 900 up front. Back then I couldn’t do that.

Fast forwarded to 2019. I try ’em again after reopening my bank account with them (because they are the worst in banking too). They let me go back to normal and pay a monthly amount for insurance. Cool! So I tell them go ahead and do autopay this time to avoid any issues like the first time. Coolsies! By the second payment they screwed up my insurance autopay. They were able to charge me a fee I owed and the first month no problem, but after recouping the bill they had with me, I guess autopay was too hard. So now they want insurance payment in full and I get a letter from the DMV saying I don’t have insurance.

USAA is the worst. My account has been hacked twice, the first time they kept me out of my own bank account while hackers emptied it out, and this time they can’t even figure out how to keep autopay on I guess. I would absolutely never recommend any of their products…ever again at this point. Steering clear of them as soon as I close my bank account.

Read full reviewBe the first one to find this review helpfulprofile pic of the authorRichard of Cazenovia, NY Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 18, 2020

First, I must state I am a 50 year customer of USAA. Realistically, USAA only exists now for the benefit of its upper management. Being a “member” ended some 35-40 years ago. Today, you are only a customer, nothing more. USAA’s customer service actions and policies are dictated by its accountants and attorneys. Taking it a step further, Cust. Svc. Reps. have no authority to settle even the simplest of matters, managers are impossible to get ahold of (and do not, and will not, call you back within the CS representatives offered 24 to 48 hours!) and upper management hide in their ivory tower impossible to contact or reach.

Interestingly enough, USAA could save its customers some policy premium costs if it would cease the expensive TV ads falsely extolling its trustworthiness, virtues, services and concern for its customers. All these TV ads do is expand the customer base and in turn, increase upper management’s salaries and bonuses. Sad but true! All of the above, while intentionally brief for brevity sake, is based on my continuous 50 year dealings with USAA as a customer. As is usual, YMMV —-

Read full review5 peoplefound this review helpfulLu of Arlington, VA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 16, 2020

Someone who had USAA hit my car and I had to take it for repair. My experience with USAA was not good at all! I had issues with the rental car. I spoke with someone called Ricardo ** and he did not want to help me, even when I explain how things happened. He was not professional. The first lady who took my claim was really nice, and explain everything clearly. I am not sure if Mr. ** is the problem, or it is just USAA the problem here.

Be the first one to find this review helpfulMiguel of Macon, GA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 8, 2020

I have been a member of USAA for 30 years and am a retired Army officer. Their service used to be exemplary. I recently had an auto-claim (3 year old truck with 35k miles) and they tried to strong-arm us into taking our vehicle to one of “their” shops. Horrible experience, eventually they agreed (sadly) that the truck was totaled and gave us a ridiculous “fair market value” for the vehicle.

I have no problem with FMV but they use a outside service called CCC – bottom line, their comps were two thousand dollars below the value of the truck, even KBB private party values, and 5-6 thousand less than any retail truck available to buy. It is a truly long story, but I can assure you they do not care about their policy holders. They even had the nerve to try to sell me FMV “plus” add on to our policy to pay more (20% more) in case of a total loss. We walked away from USAA – I would suggest you stay away as well – the only upside, we took our 30 years of “subscribers account” – $6,800.00 – worth when we left.

Read full review12 peoplefound this review helpfulVarand of Glendale, CA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 8, 2020

My truck crushed with a car flying off the freeway 5:00 in the morning on February/15/2020 while it was parked in the street. Since I didn’t have full coverage on my truck (collision), I had to follow up with the other party’s insurance to collect my damages. My truck was totaled and sitting in the tow yard. At the beginning every thing was going smooth. I’ve got the other driver’s insurance info and claim number from my insurance company. Their auto insurance was with USAA. I’ve contacted the adjuster Fredrick ** and he promised an easy process (claim number **). I even went to CHP to pick up the accident report myself to speed up the process. I went to tow truck yard and paid them the tow fee and gave them the truck’s title to wave any storage fee by Fredrick’s approval. I sent them everything via email and the link they provided me. They even sent me an estimate for my damages.

After a couple of weeks of not hearing from them, I found out that Fredrick is not handling the case anymore. Amanda ** was the new adjuster which no one had notified me. Here the drama have been started. Amanda has a really bad attitude, I’ve been able to talk to her only a couple of times since she never answers her phone. I called their client to find out about her recovery (she was badly injured) and also mention that her insurance is playing around and they are not working on my case. Amanda called me a couple of weeks later and asked me in a very rude way to not communicate with their client and I told her that it’s not her business. I call anyone I want at anytime I want.

To this date which I’m writing this review (04/07/2020), I haven’t received a penny and their excuse now is waiting for Caltrans bill for damages the accident caused to the fence and freeway post. The other screwed up part about this company is the way they communicate. They send me emails but I can’t reply. I’ve called their customer service a few times about the process of my claim because Amanda doesn’t want to communicate. They tell me a totally different story comparing to Amanda. It’s so off the course that every time I called them Amanda sends me an email right away dismissing her co-workers response and email. Like I mentioned by this date it’s almost 2 month since the accident happened and I haven’t received any thing for my losses.

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