(Best & Worst) Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide is very deceitful! For anyone considering Nationwide as their insurance provider, just look into Nationwide’s $18 million in punitive damages in 2014. They gave me hard times and won’t communicate even though it is their mistake and they ADMITTED it is their mistake. I changed my home insurance to join them ONLY BASED on a credit that I was told I will get on my car insurance that never materialized (gave me a price then the bill later showed something else) and it is all recorded.

21 Sep 2020 I called Nationwide, got a quote from Tiffany for adding home insurance to my current car insurance with them. She said I will be getting a credit on my car insurance and pay $76.32 for the next 6 months instead of what I am currently paying now for my car insurance and I will see that updated on the website within 24 hrs. 24 Sep 2020 I received my car insurance statement via email for the next 6 months and it indicated I will pay $80.12 next month (October) then $84.76 for subsequent bills. Same day I called them and they transferred me to Kyle in Recording Departments to help verify the recording. He said he will call me next day.

25 Sep 2020 Kyle didn’t call so I called him, he said he has the recording but he can’t find exactly anything about the $76.32 I was promised to pay. He said he will listen again and call me on Monday 28 Sep 2020. 28 Sep 2020 Kyle didn’t call so I called asking to talk to him. They said he is out for the day and won’t be back until 30 Sep 2020 so I told them I found the recording on my phone and found out that Tiffany said $76.32 at the 12th min of the recording that lasted 35 minutes. I asked to escalate the matter. They did and promised someone from Escalation Department will give me a call next day.

29 Sep 2020 Eddie (Eduardo) from Escalation Department left a voicemail in the morning asking me to give him a call back. I called him back 3 times in which I had to leave three voicemails because he didn’t answer. Same evening, I called 4th time and asked to talk to Escalation Department (not necessarily Eddie) so the agent Jenny asked me to hold, then after a few minutes said they will not talk to me and they reviewed the recording and they found it is an agent error and that the price I was told was only an estimate. So I asked Jenny to let me talk to someone in Escalation Department because if that was an agent error then they need to honor it and if it was just an estimate, then why Tiffani (the licensed agent) asked me to check the website in 24 hours and that the new car insurance fee will be showing.

Bad customer service. Made me explain my case several times and didn’t help me. Claimed they can’t verify what I was told until I said, “I have it recorded and I can send you the recording” which forced them to admit that what I was told took place. Even when they admitted it is their agent mistake they won’t do the right thing. I hope these people pay the price 10,000 times more.


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