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James of Riverhead, NY Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Sept. 8, 2019

I’m only with the company for probably I would say 5 years. To me that’s still a little too early to give an honest opinion with no real big claims other than minor. But the only reason why I’m still with Allstate is because of my local Allstate store. Most of all my local Allstate dealership is in my town. The individuals there make you feel like you’re family. They even send you a happy birthday song when it’s your birthday. They really go the extra mile to make sure you’re comfortable and if you have any questions feel free to call them at any time. Most of all the prices are pretty fair to coverage is very good.

11 peoplefound this review helpfulDinah of Port Arthur, Texas Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Sept. 5, 2019

Sometimes I don’t get follow up. Explain my policy and what actually cover’s. Have heard a lot of negative things about their coverage. Not covering things. Ask them to take a look at my roof after wind damage and they said my roof was fine but I’m not having any leaks but the roof has several shingles missing and I’m wondering why they didn’t say it was in the damage. Close friends said they drop Allstate because they called out about roof damage and some other damages and they denied the claims. Why is that even in the hurricane season. I’ve heard but they gave me a good price on my coverage but why pay for coverage if they won’t cover it. I don’t understand that so I’m thinking about choosing another one another insurance because my very good friend said she had been with Allstate for years and she had to let him go because they didn’t cover the roof damage that she had.

34 peoplefound this review helpfulWe value your privacy. Unsubscribe easily.Mrs. of Corona, CA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Sept. 4, 2019

My agent always emails me on any new issues with my policy. He’s very friendly. And my rates are reasonable for my budget. Allstate keeps in touch when and if my rates are going to get higher or lower, they never lie to me or keep secrets from me. As to my previous carrier, they were always raising the price every month without notice to me. And they never communicated to me on what’s going on with my policy. Plus when I tried to call the agent of the old carrier, they were never available. Allstate has not disappointed me for 5 yrs now. My old carrier was State Farm, I will never go back to them. Allstate is #1 to us.

9 peoplefound this review helpfulCathleen of Oglesby, IL Verified ReviewerOriginal review: July 9, 2019

I’ve been with Allstate since being added to my parent’s policy at 16. I’m now 53 and have never had a problem with any claim. The service has always been fast and reliable. I even had a claim that I thought I could fix myself and waited 6 months before realizing I couldn’t and couldn’t really prove what happened anymore and Allstate took care of it in a week on my word of what happened. All the Allstate representatives have been amazing! I will never go anywhere else. Thank you to everyone at Allstate! Keep up the great work!

11 peoplefound this review helpfulSergio of San Antonio, TX Verified ReviewerOriginal review: May 26, 2019

I was in a accident with a driver who had Allstate. It wasn’t my fault, but I knew how insurance companies don’t like to pay out and was expecting Allstate to give me a hard time. Thankfully this wasn’t the case however. Allstate took full responsibility for the accident and also provided me a rental car. In addition, they have been nothing but kind and understanding to me during the whole process. It’s nice to know there are good people out there in times when you need them the most. Thanks Allstate.

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jeanette of El Dorado, KS Verified ReviewerOriginal review: May 9, 2020

I’ve had my home and auto insurance with Allstate for a year now. I opted in for their Drivewise, track your driving and get a discount, program from day one. To date I have spoken with my agent at least 7 times about issues with this program. It only tracks my driving occasionally…maybe 3 times/wk…and the rebate requires tracking of at least 50 trips, over 20 miles per hour, in each 6 month period. So, how am I going to get the rebate if it does not track me when I drive?? My last rebate was due mid March 2020, and today is mid May 2020…still no $$.

Be the first one to find this review helpfulBrandy of Oklahoma City, OK Verified ReviewerOriginal review: May 2, 2020

We have been Allstate customers for years, probably over 10 years or more, and we’re switching. While we’ve had a few accident claims due to our teenage drivers- we’ve definitely paid for this through increased premiums. God forbid that you are in no fault accident because they are no help. We now have a second, no-fault accident where we are made to pay a deductible and hope to get it back later. The first one was decided against us because the other driver simply asserted that they weren’t at fault. This time my son was literally stopped at a light and was rear-ended, and because the other driver said it wasn’t his fault, Allstate says that we have to cover the deductible in order to get our vehicle from the shop. There’s a police report and the other driver was driving dangerously. So good luck to all of you that stay with them; better save that money for your next deductible!

Be the first one to find this review helpfulRenae of Round Rock, TX Verified ReviewerOriginal review: May 1, 2020

First of all does anyone ever work in the office? No one ever answers the phone and the calls always go to voicemail. I leave messages and no one returns the call. Good thing I wasn’t calling for an insurance claim. What a piece of crap agency. I live in the Round Rock area where Mitchell ** is suppose to be in charge of operations. I guess he’s too busy just collecting everyone’s money but he’ll never get another dime from me..#swindlers #terrible customer service #insurance is a scam.

4 peoplefound this review helpfulprofile pic of the authorVonda of Carrollton, TX Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 27, 2020

Warning for Texans…initial quotes look really great, but: 1) they don’t discount for Defensive Driving certification. 2) On Auto they won’t write a 12 month policy. Even though I was assured that they rarely raise rates, I believe this leaves the door wide open. 3) On Homeowners-the rate quoted will change (higher) if you have this insurance included in your monthly mortgage payment. They don’t want to bill your mortgage company!!!!???? Never encountered this with any other insurance company. 4) I don’t allow any company to auto-deduct from my bank account. Too many companies gave been hacked into. If you don’t allow this, the quotes rate goes up again. I PASSED.

Be the first one to find this review helpfulRaheim of Jonesboro, GA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 22, 2020

I was involved in an accident in the month of Feb. and I was not at fault. Allstate did not send someone to pick up my car. I literal had to drive my totaled vehicle to the shop that they recommended. Once there they didn’t even want to take the car. It took Allstate 2 weeks to even inspect my vehicle. Once my vehicle was totaled, I was told that I need to sign over the power of attorney for the vehicle. I did not receive that form in the mail until almost a month after the accident in March. Once I signed the form and sent it back, I was told that they were issuing payment to Capital One. I just received a letter from capital one stating that Allstate has not sent none of the information Over to finalize the payment. I’ve been getting the run around through the entire process.

Here I am at the end of April almost 3 months later and nothing has been done. I can’t get my claim adjuster to answer the phone. I am still expected to make payments on a vehicle that is totaled. Due to me needing a form of transportation, I had to go out and buy another vehicle before the process was completed because Allstate is slow. So now the totaled vehicle is sitting on my credit showing 2 months behind because Allstate won’t do their job and close out the claim. No one are giving me any answers and they keep sending me to another department. Allstate is slow and this has been the worst experience with an insurance company. P.S. I have 2 accounts with Allstate for home insurance and vehicle insurance. I was not at fault. The other insurance company has already agreed to reimburse Allstate of all expenses and they are still dragging their feet. I’m so frustrated.

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