Back to Basics Customer Service Tips

I’m not just a speaker on customer service. I’ve focused my entire career developing ways to help companies communicate better with their customers. Great customer service is sought by most everyone.

Businesses go out of their way to give good customer service. Some make it; some don’t.

Customers go out of their way looking for companies that give great customer service. Some find it; some don’t.

We have tried so very hard to explain to both sides – the customer and the business, it’s not rocket science; it’s not brain surgery. It’s plain old common sense. But you and I know common sense is not out there.

Our book Customer Service Nightmares is proof that people love to vent. They love to report on how badly they’ve been handled.

I cannot count the number of articles out there on customer service. Some are good, some not; some have new ideas; some speak the old tried and true. And that’s where Telephone Doctor customer service training comes into play; plain old customer service. We call it ‘Back to Basics.’ You can imagine I have hundreds, if not thousands of ideas, tips, skills and techniques to share. Today we bring you 15; fifteen good customer service tips that are good old common sense thoughts.

Let’s get the New Year started off with these. Here we go:

  1. “Please” and “thank you” always have been, and always will be, powerful words. Seldom overused.
  2. “You’re welcome” is the best replacement for “no problem.”
  3. “Sorry ‘bout that” is not an apology. It’s a cliché. “My apologies” is much better.
  4. A frown is a smile upside down. Stand on your head if you must; but SMILE, darn it!
  5. You cannot do two things well at once. Pay attention to the call or the customer.
  6. One word answers on email or in person are considered cold and rude. Three words make a sentence.
  7. Learn what phrases frustrate your customers. They’re probably the same ones that bother you.
  8. When was the last time you sent flowers to someone just because?
  9. Drop a personal handwritten note to a client and just say “thanks for being a good client.”
  10. “Hey how ‘ya doing?” is not a great way to start up a conversation.
  11. Out with friends or family? Put the cell phone away. Talk for 30 minutes. (If you remember how.)
  12. Email manners? The same as phone and in person.
  13. The old “don’t tell ‘em what you can’t do; tell ‘em what you can do” applies to most, if not all, customer interactions.
  14. Get excited!
  15. Oh, and smile. That needed to be said twice. J

Have a great year and we’ll be bringing you more articles, tips, skills and techniques for your reading pleasure and customer service improvement.


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