70+ Ways to Make Extra Money on The Side

Check out all these ways to make money below! All 60+ side hustles ever featured on this blog, plus other fascinating jobs people have tried full-time as well (along with yours truly).

You’ll find everything from worm counting to taste testing, craps dealing, mystery shopping, car washing, working in the circus, playing poker, and even the most popular of all hustles ever listed here: being a “phone actress” (aka phone sex operator! Haha…). And there will be more to come 🙂

70+ Ways to Make Money on The Side

If there’s a way to make money, people are trying it! And here’s a list of all the jobs we’ve shared on this site over the years… if you’ve got an interesting gig of your own, do let us know!

  • Hustle #79: Flipping Guitars! ($10,000/year)
  • Hustle #78: Being a TV/Film “Extra” ($200+/day)
  • Hustle #77: Online Proofreading/Editing ($1,600/mo)
  • Hustle #76: Selling “Printables” on Etsy ($250+/mo)
  • Hustle #75: Being a Lice Picker! ($25-$30/hr)
  • Hustle #74: Tutoring People on Standardized Tests ($100-$160/hr)
  • Hustle #73: Selling Crickets Online! ($1,200/mo)
  • Hustle #72: Finding Hidden Money as a Forensic Accountant ($300/hr)
  • Hustle #71: Picking Up Trash in Parking Lots ($30-$50/hr)
  • Hustle #70: Making Rings and Jewelry From Coins! ($20-$100+ an hour)
  • Hustle #69: Making Frozen Meals ($10/meal profit)
  • Hustle #68: Running a Christmas Tree Stand! ($7,500/season (5 weeks))
  • Hustle #67: Craigslist “Gigs” ($18+/hour on avg)
  • Hustle #66: Amish Taxi Driver ($0.60/mile + $10/hour waiting time)
  • Hustle #65: Mechanical Turk Worker ($150-300/week)
  • Hustle #64: Freelance Bartender! ($25-$50/hr)
  • Hustle #63: Animal Poop Professional (aka Pet Sitter) ($15-$85/visit)
  • Hustle #62: Brand Ambassador ($15-$50/hr + free swag)
  • Hustle #61: Patent Researcher ($100-$1,000+ each)
  • Hustle #60: Voiceover Acting! ($300-$400/pop/avg) (*Bonus* Bad Voiceover Acting 😉 ($5.00/pop))
  • Hustle #59: Working NFL Stadiums ($100’ish/game)
  • Hustle #58: Skydiving Drop Zone Worker (min wage + $ per chute packed)
  • Hustle #57: Production Fit Modeling ($150-$250/hr)
  • Hustle #56: Emptying Septic Tanks ($12/hr)
  • Hustle #55: Playing Santa Claus ($1,000-$2,000/season)
  • Hustle #54: Selling Junk Mail ($14+/coupon)
  • Hustle #53: Childrens Book Author ($1,000/mo)
  • Hustle #52: Lyft and Uber Driver ($20-$40/hr)
  • Hustle #51: Sim Card Mogul ($10,000 profit)
  • Hustle #50: Teleprompter Operator ($20/hr)
  • Hustle #49: Virtual Assistant ($8-$100/hr)
  • Hustle #48: Playing in a Band (% of bar tab)
  • Hustle #47: Bakery Cake Decorator ($12/hr)
  • Hustle #46: Photo Booth Operator ($100/hr)
  • Hustle #45: Public Speaker ($750- $6,500/gig)
  • Hustle #44: Women’s Handkerchiefs Dealer ($100,000+/year)
  • Hustle #43: Money Planner Maker/Seller ($200/mo)
  • Hustle #42: Taste Tester/Focus Group Participant ($30-$200/gig)
  • Hustle #41: Chick-fil-A Cow Mascot ($20-$30/gig)
  • Hustle #40: Group Cruise Planner (15% -18% commission and/or free cruise)
  • Hustle #39: Referee ($30+/game)
  • Hustle #38: Substitute Teacher ($80/day)
  • Hustle #37: Car Washer ($8-$55/car)
  • Hustle #36: Human Guinea Pig ($40/hr)
  • Hustle #35: Estate Sale Host (20%-50% commission on sales)
  • Hustle #34: Classic Video Game Flipper (3x profit (on avg) per game)
  • Hustle #33: Collectible Sneaker Reseller ($50-$300/shoe)
  • Hustle #32: Frequent Flyer Mile Specialist ($80-$150/itinerary)
  • Hustle #31: Watch Dealer ($2,000-$7,000/watch)
  • Hustle #30: Freelance Writer ($500-$1,500/mo)
  • Hustle #29: Online Design Site Builder ($20,000 profit)
  • Hustle #28: Running Coach ($85/mo per client)
  • Hustle #27: Air Force Reservist ($259.56/weekend + benefits (“Active” = $1946.70/mo + benefits)
  • Hustle #26: IT Freelancer ($50-$100/hr, up to $800/mo retainer)
  • Hustle #25: Online e-Commerce Store Owner ($810/day *revenue* (later shut down))
  • Hustle #24: Yoga Instructor ($15-$40/hr class, $60+ private)
  • Hustle #23: Standardized Test Question Writer ($20-$30/question)
  • Hustle #22: Food Truck Worker ($8-$10/hr + tips)
  • Hustle #21: Bouncer ($50-$90/night)
  • Hustle #20: Starbucks Barista ($400-$700/mo)
  • Hustle #19: Sample Passer-Outer ($54-$75/demo)
  • Hustle #18: “Phone Actress” (AKA Phone Sex Operator) (25¢-30¢/minute of *live* talk time)
  • Hustle #17: Dog Walker ($16-$24/hr)
  • Hustle #16: Worm Counter (8¢ per dozen night crawlers)
  • Hustle #15: Book Seller (a few thousand a year)
  • Hustle #14: Tutor ($10-$200/hr)
  • Hustle #13: USA Triathlon Official ($90/event + mileage)
  • Hustle #12: Lifeguard (minimum wage?)
  • Hustle #11: High-Fashion eBay Reseller ($7,000 profit)
  • Hustle #10: Mystery Shopper ($200-$500/mo)
  • Hustle #9: Etsy Seller ($50-$100/mo)
  • Hustle #8: Meal Plan Helper ($5-$8/mo per client)
  • Hustle #7: Gun Permit Instructor (“decent chunk”)
  • Hustle #6: House Cleaner ($1,000/mo)
  • Hustle #5: Craps Dealer (“good”)
  • Hustle #4: Babysitter ($30-$45/sitting)
  • Hustle #3: Live-in Landlord (free graduate school!)
  • Hustle #2: Restaurant Server ($100/shift)
  • Hustle #1: Chicken Farmer ($89 1st test + free food!)

Side Hustle Fails

While we mainly focus on the gigs that WORK OUT and earn you money, we have featured some stories here of those times it did not. To help keep things in perspective since not everything can obviously be rainbows and lollypops 😉

Hey, no one ever said making money on the side was easy! And then here’s something to keep in mind too: When to Quit a Side Hustle

Other Interesting (Full-Time) jobs

Since our series on Side Hustles here have been uber successful (I can’t believe I just used “uber!”), we’ve been getting a lot of submissions on other interesting jobs too. Those that people do full-time for a living. So here are some of those for your educational/entertainment needs 😉

Other Job-Related Resources:

J. Money Jobs

Lastly, here’s a list of all 30+ jobs I (J. Money) has ever done for money – in detail. Including some fairly unique ones as well: Timeshare Rep, TV Production Assistant, Totaled Car Washer, Stamp Factory Drone, Airline Worker, and now currently a professional blogger 🙂

I started this blog in February of ’08 simply as a hobby, and two years later it became my full-time “job.” when I realized there was money to be made (a total fluke that I jumped all over!) Now, 4 years after that, here we still are and having the time of my life. So you really never know what opportunities are around the corner when you start hustling. But you do need to grab them when they cross your path.

Gigs For Goals?

Before we go here, just wanted to share with you a great mindset to get into to help motivate your side hustlin’ even more. I call it the “Gigs For Goals” mindset and the idea behind it is that you attach all gigs of yours to a specific bill or a future want/need. If you can match them up to break even, you’re golden! If you fall short, you need to re-arrange your wants and/or start bringing in higher income streams to match ’em. It looks like this:

Something to keep in mind, anyways 🙂
We’ll keep adding to this list over time,but as you can see there are a TON of different ways to make money on the side during your free time. And hey, you never know – it can always turn into a full-time job too if you get lucky! (That is, if you WANT it to, haha.. some of these are purely for the extra cash, as you can probably tell ;)).

If you have any interesting jobs yourself you’d like to share, hit me up here. We’ll post it up on the site and make you famous too.

Keep on hustlin’!

PS: If you’re interested in learning which of these hustles are the most popular, and other fun comparisons, check out this post I wrote up on it: Side Hustle Nation, Represent!

[Bad-ass Hustler shirt found by Andrea Whitmer]

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