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Most of the people ask me how to get rich quickly by working on online.  Today making money online is the trending topic on the internet.  A lot of people are searching for ways to earn money online.  Is it tough to make money from home using the internet?  Absolutely not, because it’s possible to make money from the Internet.


Everyone with basic English, Typing skills, and Computer knowledge can earn a decent income through the Internet.  Earning money online is not an easy task. If so, I would be rich till now. You can’t become rich overnight by working online, but you can earn some extra cash by working few hours a day. I will show you few ways to make money from home using the internet.

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1 Is it possible to make money from home using the Internet?

2 Blogging

3 Freelancing

3.1 Here are some of the best Freelancing websites.

4 Online Surveys

4.1 Here are few Legit online survey websites.

5 PTC Websites

5.1 Here are Few PTC websites to make money online

6 Website testing

6.1 Here are few of the sites which offering website testing jobs online.

7 Crowdsourcing

8 Youtube

9 Conclusion

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Is it possible to make money from home using the Internet?

First of all, a question arises in our mind that, is it possible to make money from home using the internet? The answer is ‘yes.’ I’ll show you the proven results. But all you need is ‘patience.’ Working online isn’t an easy task. Many scammers will loot your money and time, and you’ll remain a fool.

You should be cautious and shouldn’t invest money for scammers.  Without patience, you can’t earn money online. Sometimes it takes months to make money online. You must not lose your hope.  You need a dedication towards your work, and most important thing is patience.

Now we’ll discuss the number of Proven ways to earn money online. Here you need to know the reality that without putting some efforts you can’t even make a single dollar online.

Check the list here that will help to make money online.




Make money from Blogging

Blogging is the ultimate & safest way to earn money online. Many people are making $100 per day through blogging.

Nowadays it’s easy to purchase the domain & host the website. It’s easy to set up a blog/website and publish your first post. Thanks to WordPress.

All you need is a profitable niche selection and English writing skills. Here you need not be expert in English. You just need a basic English grammar with excellent presentation skills.

Initially, it’s hard to set up a blog and get the traffic. Once you become an expert, it’s easy to get the traffic to your blog and make decent money.

You can use some marketing tips like SEO & Social sharing to get traffic to your blog.  Monetize your blog with Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing.

Other than Google Adsense there are many ad network sites like Media.net, Infolinks, Buy sell ads, etc. but many people are comfortable with Google Adsense because their ads are user-friendly.

But, If you want to express your views to the world then blogging is the best platform. From there you can earn decent income too.



Make money from Freelancing

Freelancing is the most comfortable job to work at any place. Many foreign countries like USA, Canada, Australia prefer to work as Freelancers. Most people prefer freelancing jobs just because of flexible working hours.

There are many famous sites which are offering Freelancing jobs. For this, you need to create your portfolio on Freelancing websites.

After getting your first work, you’ll get a review & rating from the employer. That is the most valuable thing for your growth.


Here are some of the best Freelancing websites.


  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Guru
  4. People Per Hour
  5. Fivver


Online Surveys

Make money from Online surveys

As per my experience, these are the hardest jobs to complete.  Most of the people are earning few bucks through surveys.  A user should qualify for test surveys, before proceeding for real-time studies.

Some sites offer rewards and some site offer just vouchers. You can try these surveys to earn few bucks.  Surveys are time taking jobs, and your honest opinion is a must.

Beware of scam sites because they eat your valuable time.

Here are few Legit online survey websites.

  1. Survey Savvy
  2. Global Test Market
  3. Tulona
  4. Ipoll


PTC Websites

Make Money from PTC Websites

Would you believe me?  I earned $700+ through neobux.com.  Yeah, that’s true.  PTC websites are the easiest way to make little extra cash.  

Many people are earning 100’s o dollars every month through PTC websites.  All you need to do is work hard on initially days regularly.

For me, it took almost a month to earn my 1st payout through Neobux.  There are few strategies to make passive money through PTC websites like Neobux, Clixsense & Paidverts.  

Payment will be made through Skrill, Payza, Neteller & cheques.

Here are Few PTC websites to make money online

  1. Neobux
  2. Clixsense
  3. Paidverts
  4. Inbox Dollars (only residents of Canada & USA citizens)



Website testing

How to earn money from Website testing

Here you need to test the quality of the website and give your view to the employer.  Most of the sites pay $5 – $50 for a single test.  You need to follow their terms & conditions to quality for website testing.

Most of the sites need Webcam, a microphone to access these jobs.  Few sites will conduct a preliminary test to qualify for the job.  You need to be proficiency in English.  

Here are few of the sites which offering website testing jobs online.

  1. User Testing
  2. Enroll
  3. Testing Time
  4. TryMyUI
  5. Testing Time




Make money from Crowdsourcing websites

Crowdsourcing is the new way of earning online with just small tasks which cannot be done by a machine, Like filling forms, Logo designing, website testing.  These websites help you to make some extra cash.

Here are few legit websites which are offering crowdsourcing work.

  1. 99 Designs
  2. Amazon Mturks
  3. CrowdFlower
  4. Fivver

I earned $400+ from Crowdflower through Neobux.  The primary source of making money through Crowdflower is Rainforest Qa website testing.  I will publish an article in future about this.


Make money from Youtube

Youtube is the craziest way to make money online.  But at present, it is the best & easiest way to make money from home using the Internet.  You need few Video Editing skills.  

People are earning $1000+ every month from youtube content.  Best way to make money on youtube is by uploading funny & viral content which happened in our real life.  Most of the people on youtube watch funny videos.  

You shouldn’t upload a video which is copyrighted by some other person.  Revenue will be generated through Adsense program by Google.  You can choose to display ads on a youtube video.



In this digital world making money online isn’t a difficult task.  You need to put some efforts and do smart research.  One fine day you’ll start earning money by sitting comfortably at home. ?  There are many other ways to make money online but the above-shown methods are practically researched by me.

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